ED agreement issues please help!!!

<p>I just received an e-mail from Emory that my ED agreement was not submitted. I checked on the CommonApp website, it said that I had submitted it a while ago. I'm assuming this means my counselor did not submit her part. I've tried to get in contact with her, but can't. What should I do? Will this impact my acceptance decision?</p>



<p>I'm not really sure what you can do, but really the only thing to do is to try and contact your counselor ASAP.</p>

<p>If you don't turn in the ED agreement form, this means you're not eligible for ED admissions. The ED agreement states that you understand the ED process and you, an adult, and the counselor needs to sign stating you understand it. </p>

<p>Try and emailing the Emory's admission office, and explain your situation. Definitely make sure that your counselor turns it in!</p>

<p>"I've tried to get in contact with her, but can't. "
Forward the email from Emory to her, leave her a voice message AND
park yourself outside her office door and get her to submit it as you watch.
If she cant be found, or is unresponsive, go up the ladder- go to the principal, her boss.</p>

<p>Thanks guys, I got it done:)</p>

<p>OP, do you mind posting your stats?
GPA on 4.0 scale and superscored SAT/ACT?
I'm applying rd...</p>