ED and Merit Scholarships

<p>Anyone here know of anyone that that applied ED to a LAC and received any merit scholarship assistance- or is this highly unusual when applying ED?</p>

<p>Look at it from the colleges point of view, many of the most competitive college don't offer strictly merit aid, after all, they already attract the most competitive applicant pool just because of "who they are".
Of the ones that do, it seems that they would be more likely to offer merit aid to students who may consider them 2nd or 3rd on list, just to bump up yield rate and have a more highly ranked student body.
By applying ED, you are already saying that they are the #1 school on your list, so you take away their merit incentive.
You may still find a school that offers merit aid to ED applicants, but your best bet is to ask the school where you want to apply ED to upfront about their policies.</p>

<p>I don't have direct expereince, but I know that a lot of schools have numerical markers that automatically trigger merit money, such as U Rochester and Franklin and Marshall. I would assume that this would not be suspended for the ED applicants, but I can't say for sure.</p>