ED and now waiting...what do you guys think?

<p>Weird...this new CC isn't posting my link.</p>

<p>Duke University Early Decision
GPA: W 4.83 UW 3.96
Rank: 4/370
ACT: 32</p>

<p>10 Honors Classes
AP's in Calculus AB (11), USH (11), English Lang (11), Calc BC (12), Government (12), English Lit (12), Spanish Lang (12)
Self-studing AP Macroeconomics</p>

Recreatiol Dance (14 years)
Varsity Basketball Cheerleading, Varsity Letter (9)</p>

<p>Spanish Honor Society Historian (11,12)
Mu Alpha Theta (11,12)
Kids Helping Kids (11,12)
Belles Lettres Book Club (12)
Senior Board (12)
NHS (12)</p>

Assistant at Kumon of Charlotte- 10-15 hours a week</p>

<p>Summer: Attended 2004 Free Enterprise Leadership Conference- company awarded 2nd prize</p>

Monroe Rotary Scholar (10,11)
Junior Marshal
Academic Letter (9,10,11)
AP Scholar
Who's Who, Natl. Honor Roll, etc.</p>


<p>Applying to.. Trinity, I presume?</p>

<p>Your rank is fabulous. I love it, love love love it.</p>

<p>Your ACT puts you smack in their average. Pretty nice.</p>

<p>How were your essays/recs?</p>

<p>Me= Ed as well.

<p>Trinity of course. I highly doubt I'd see an acceptance letter if I was engineering. Hooray for ED! Essay were pretty good. My 2-3 page was on dance, because it's just me, and real "passion." Recs were good also. I have a killer counselor rec, but it's not like counselors write bad ones. Good luck to you!</p>

<p>Yes, your grades are very good, the question is just whether or not Duke will be impressed by your dance. Since your other ECs are average, it seems to me that your application really hinges on your dancing. If your essay really came out well, that could put you over the top. If they're not impressed by the essay and just simply not moved, you could be deferred. High rank alone won't wow an admissions office like duke, though of course it is pretty much a prerequisite. Good luck.</p>

<p>post your stats in the duke early decision roster forum, =)</p>