ED at another school

<p>I was accepted by both UChicago and another school. The other school was under Early Decision. I know that some schools send out a list of their ED acceptees and that the school receiving the list will rescind a student's acceptance for being dishonest, as they were supposed to revoke their application or turn down acceptance. My mind has changed since applying to my ED school and UChicago and I would like to keep my options open. Does UChicago pull acceptances because a student was accepted under ED at another school?</p>

<p>Considering the other school was ED, wouldn’t you be forced to go there?..</p>

<p>This is all assuming I can somehow get out of the ED agreement at the other school.</p>

<p>Maybe you could ask Grace on the UChicago Admissions thread. I understand there is sort of a matter of honoring one’s word involved here, on the one hand. On the other hand, it’s sort of like showing up to the church the day of your wedding and realizing you made a big mistake. Do you just go ahead with it anyway…? Well, if UChicago says thumbs down maybe you could apply as a transfer, if you still want to come after your first year at the other school. Good luck!</p>

<p>Please withdraw your UChicago application. At this point all you’re doing is taking the spot of an RD applicant who <em>is</em> able to attend.</p>

<p>(If you wanted to keep your options open, you know… you shouldn’t have applied ED :wink: )</p>

<p>I agree with OxalisWombo. Please turn down UChicago. You should not have applied through Early Decision in the first place if you really wanted to keep your options open.</p>

<p>The only way you can get out of the ED agreement is because you cannot finance your education there. If you can, you are bound by Early Decision.</p>

<p>Its unethical to “get out of your bind” by using the financial conditions. UofC actually cost more or at least the same cost from other top 10~20 schools. If you can’t afford in the ED school, you cannot afford UofC. When you apply ED, you should have the financial means to pay for it. UofC(or any other school) don’t want an unethical student who likes to wiggle out of a contract just because the grass is greener next door.</p>

<p>Some people have raised the question of why the Common App does not simply notify an ED applicant’s other EA schools that the student was accepted ED. Since most of the top schools accept the Common App, it could be done. This would prevent cases in which people intentionally or more commonly through sheer laziness do not notify the other schools.</p>

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<p>The only reason for turning down ED and attending elsewhere is financial. Unless you can show that UChicago was substantially more generous, and that you could not afford to attend the ED school regardless of other acceptances, you are stuck.</p>