ED at Kenyon?

I’m a rising senior in high school and LOVE Kenyon. I know I could get in easily with a regular decision, but should I ED if I know it is the right college for me? Or should I wait it out and apply to Kenyon as well as other schools RD?

Depends upon whether or not you are in need of significant financial aid. If you do need significant financial aid, then ED may not be wise. If from a wealthy family willing to pay full price, then chose wisely before applying ED because any ED acceptance will be binding.

Okay, I will take this into consideration. Thank you so much!

If you know it’s your #1 choice, then apply ED as it will increase your chances of getting in. If you need to weigh other options, then ED may not be right for you.

Also be careful of “I know I could get in easily with a regular decision”. College admissions are very hard to predict – except surprises.

Tentative academic interests?

If you absolutely love Kenyon and cannot think of anywhere else you could be happy—I think you may want to carefully consider RD/ED. Kenyon’s ED acceptance rate is in the 60s. That leaves a significantly limited number of spots for RD. Reading the waitlist thread for this incoming first years, it appears a number of high stat kids were shocked to be waitlisted. If you are male that could be to your advantage as an RD applicant (especially if you are a competitive swimmer) in keeping the first year class balanced. Historically they seem to have far more women applying over men. Being a swimmer certainly helps. Once class of 2023 profile is released you should get a better sense–especially the ED admit data.

Also, FWIW, my kiddo is a rising sophomore at Kenyon and loves it (as do his parents:)

I disagree that Financial Aid concerns should keep you from applying ED. You can be released from ED if the package is inadequate. Schools are more generous and more likely to discuss and reassess ED aid packages. They are motivated to get as close to 100% yield from ED. If the Kenyon NPC gives a workable number for you and you don’t have a non custodial parent, a family business or an unusual monetary situation, the aid package should be close to the NPC

It will also serve as an early warning if the financial aid comes out too low, and inconsistent with the NPC. You can find out why, and it would likely be a reason that would also be present at other such schools. Kenyon’s aid package tend to be good and consistent with those of other schools.

The only reasons I can see not to apply ED is if you are looking for the best deal in terms of aid/merit packages. You can not compare as many packages and offers when you apply ED. You can also be at disadvantage in getting merit money. There is also “buyer’s remorse” and you can also simply change your mind and preferences.
Also, if you are a swimmer, and want to swim college, be aware that Kenyon is D-3 which means no swim scholarships. However, they have a powerhouse swim team, so you may not get as much meet time as you would at other D-3 schools

@luloobee HURRAY! I’m excited for my first-year daughter to start!!

@pn24601 Best wishes to your daughter! Feel free to pm me with any questions!