ED at Penn, What are my chances?

<p>Alright, I'm going to lay it out flat: I think I have a solid chance, but what's holding me back is my math SAT. I retook the test most recently at the beginning of November, so hopefully it will be alright. Here are my stats.
School: College Prep
Senior Year Classes: Most Rigorous Available (AP Calc, AP US History, AP Biology, College Credit Psych, College Credit Creative Writing, French IV Honors, Comparative Religions)
Fresh-Junior Year Classes: MRA
Grades: Average 3.9 for all 4 years so far
Average Class Rank: 3/100 (Right now, I'm 2)
SAT I Verbal: 770
SAT I Math: 540 (as of now, I know you all have great math scores, but maybe you'll find out why I don't in several moments)
SAT II Writing: 750
Lit: 600
Math Ic: 570 (again, a stabbing pain)
-Vice Pres of NHS
Pres of FNHS
Pres of Quill/Scroll, Editor (2 years) of Newspaper
Founder of Conflict Resolution
Founder of Interfaith Teen Forum
3 year member of concert/marching bands
4 year member, drama department
Founder of Poetry Club
Amnesty International
French Club
Philosophy/Writers Club
Captain of Academic Team
1 of ten Poetry students selected for PA Governor's School for the Arts
self-published short book of poems, working on second book
member of Diocesan Youth Council
Chorus Accompanist (4 years)
Student Writer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette</p>


<p>Finalist for the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies Writing Contest
Nominated to attend the Transatlantic Young Authors’ Conference in<br>
NASSP Leadership Award
Winner of the National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Award in Writing
Winner of the University of Rochester’s Humanities and Social Sciences Award
Won departmental award in United State and Pennsylvania Studies
Won 1st prize in the Zionist Organization of America Pittsburgh Chapter’s Anti-Intolerance Essay Contest
Won departmental awards in World History, French II, and American Literature
Was awarded the Class of 2005’s silver pin for academic achievement</p>

<p>Won Departmental Achievement Awards in Biology, Religion, and English
Won two consecutive 2nd places in the years 2000-2001 in the United Jewish Federation’s Holocaust Arts and Writing Competition
Received a First Place at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science State Meeting
Received a First Place, commendation from the American Chemical Society and a Director’s Choice award at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Region 7 Meeting.
Placed with distinction in the Verbal section of the SAT through Johns Hopkins University</p>

<p>Additional Reccomendations from:
Alum at Penn/Prof at Haverford
Project Manager at Post-Gazette</p>

<p>Other Schools:
Sarah Lawrence
Pitt (Accepted into Honors Coll)</p>

<p>I'm schvitzing about the math SAT. Should I be worried?</p>

<p>hmmmm. I'd say a 50% chance, and I'm basing that on zero experience with the Penn admissions process. Lots of people have trouble with math, they just don't go to Penn...</p>

<p>You're math SAT defintely does not seem right. I mean, you're taking AP Calc but can't get a 600 on math?</p>

<p>I don't know...I've just never done well on the math portion of the SAT. Calc in school is great, i'm towards the top of that class...but i've always frozen despite numerous attempts at studying etc...for the math.</p>