ED at Tufts? Please and thank you!!!

<p>Hi guys, just got back from visiting Tufts and I must say I fell absolutely in love with it! It's perfect! I'm almost 100% sure that it's my top choice. (close-to-it's were Johns Hopkins, Bowdoin, and Georgetown). Anyway, can anyone tell me my chances at ED at Tufts?!? I've shown a HUGE interest in the school. Here are my stats: (I'll make it kinda quick for you guys)</p>


<p>3.65 UW/4.67 W (all A's in AP classes, taken 5 so far) (very big upward trend)
Top 10% in class of 930 (somewhere in there, don't know exact)
2230 SAT
National Merit Commended Scholar (very competitive state)
National Hispanic Recognized Scholar
National Honors Society
Ventures Scholar
Have taken one of toughest courseloads in class and all honors and AP's
Will take 4 AP's senior year
AP Scholar with Distinction</p>


<p>Golf Team (3 year letter)
Top 3 in Girl's Golf Ladder
3x District Champion/Regional Qualifier
Top 60 in state
Did a whole bunch of other stuff and will try to get recruited
I teach private golf lessons at country club.
Will be counselor at famous junior academy next summer</p>

<p>World Affairs Council-Vice President (3 year letter)
French Club- President (4 year letter)
Amnesty International (2 year letter)
Interact Club- Senior Director (2 year letter)</p>

<p><em>My most important EC</em> Co-starter of Students for Africa Charitable Foundation and founder of Students for Africa Club at school in my junior year</p>

<p>250+ hours of Community Service (tutoring English to newly immigrated kids, hospital internship, soup kitchen, Interfaith, Community Association
Winner/finalist of 5 national scholarships so far</p>


<p>Internship through EFTA at very prestigious law firm in city (will get great recommendations
Volunteered for 2 weeks in Ecuador
Numerous mission trips
My passions include photography and boat building (my dad and I spent 2 years building a 15 foot wooden boat that was sold for $10,000 at a charity auction)
I am half hispanic (part Brazilian, part Belgian)
Fluently speak 4 languages with a very interesting background</p>

<p>Thank you very much and please be honest!!!!</p>