ED at Wofford

<p>Have you had any experience with Wofford's version of Early Decision? According to them, you can still apply ED to other colleges, it's not binding until Feb 1st, and if you don't want to make a decision then you can be deferred to the regular pool. </p>

<li><p>Since it's still called ED wouldn't the guidance counselor and other schools have a problem with this?(I haven't seen any other schools like this)</p></li>
<li><p>By Feb 1st wouldn't fin. aid still be pending?</p></li>

<p>It's an unusual sort of ED; they call it non binding for student ED. They give you an early acceptance and scholarship/financial aid offer; you can 1) accept it (and withdraw your apps from other schools), 2) reject it, or 3) say "I need more time". If you say "I need more time" they will put your app in the pool with the RD candidates and you will probably get accepted again and have a May 1 deadline. However, your scholarship/financial aid offer may go down when you are in the pool with the RD candidates.</p>