ED: BME and other majors admission

<p>Let's say a student's first choice major is BME.
A second student wants to major in Biology.
They both have same stats.</p>

<p>Since JHU can reject you from BME but will accept you for other majors:
Does the first student have the same chance of just getting accepted into JHU (not BME) as the 2nd student?</p>

<p>the questions could be a little confusing
but if anyone can help thanks</p>

<p>yes, the first student has the same chance of getting accepted into JHU as a biology major as the second student does as a biology major, BME is a separate program, it is VERY possible to be rejected from BME and accepted in the regular Biology major.</p>

<p>xindianx is correct. All applicants at JHU are pretty much reviewed the same way whether Bio, IR, Poli Sci, Writing Sems, Engineering etc. The counselors will look to see if you are applying to a Nat. Sci., Engineering, Humanities, or Soc. Sci. major so that they can relate your academic strengths/weaknesses to your intended path of study. Therefore Admissions stats (average SAT, GPA, etc.) may differ for certain programs, but in fact the evaluations are the same.</p>

<p>As far as BME, there is an added step to the review. All BME applicants are first reviewed for general admission to the University. Once the counselors decide who will be admitted, they re-review all applicants who selected BME as their first choice major. Those applicants are than looked at for acceptance into the BME major directly. Typically about 1/3 of the accepted applicants get admission to BME, and the other 2/3 are accepted to the University and can choose any other major but BME.</p>

<p>Hope that helps further.</p>