ED Chance/Strategy at Princeton or Brown or UPenn

<p>this is not exactly a chances thread so im not posting stats right now, i was thinking more about an ED strategy. right now i think i would be happy at either Princeton, Brown or Penn, and others schools; those three are just my top choices although i have to admit i would love to be accepted at Princeton just because its Princeton.</p>

<p>the percentage accepted at each school is about the same, but i read in some other threads that only 40% of Brown ED applicants are men (which i am), so maybe i would have an advantage since schools like to have the class 50/50 men to women. </p>

<p>But i also read in some other thread that Brown says they do not favor ED applicants, where as Penn does, and i dont know about Princeton?</p>

<p>So what you you all advise me on where to apply ED.</p>

<p>ED is not a "strategy". Apply ED where you absolutely want to go, or where you'd love to be.</p>

<p>honestly, just apply ed where you would have no regrets going and is your top choice. if you decide that you love all three schools equally, maybe you shouldn't apply ed anywhere and wait to make a final decision during the rd round. ed isn't a strategy thing; it's about committing to your first choice school early.</p>

<p>lets not kid ourselves, we all know that many kids use ED as a strategy to get into a very selective school that they love, and i do not want to take a chance at not getting into any of schools i love by only applying RD. i am just wondering what others would do given the situation i outlined in the OP.</p>

<p>Let's not kid ourselves, ED is used as a strategy at times, and it should not be. It will not increase your chances as much as you think.</p>

<p>I would suggest EDing princeton...</p>

<p>They fill up half the class with EDers, so you basically have a snowball's chance in hell if you go princeton RD... for the class of 2010 I believe princeton had a 27% acceptance rate for ED</p>

<p>does anyone think i would have the best shot at gaining an acceptance letter if i apply to Brown?</p>

<p>um, not necessarily. especially since brown assures applicants they have no advantage if they choose to apply ed. i think the increased acceptance rate is due to self-selection.</p>

<p>The boost is probably equally weighted, so more importantly how competitive are you for both ED and RD Pton?</p>

<p>apply ED to princeton for the most advantage -- my councelor wouldnt stop talking about how they took half their class ED.</p>

<p>slipper- can you clarify "The boost is probably equally weighted", i dont understand what you mean</p>

<p>to get an idea of how competative an applicant i am:
my gpa is about 3.85 with toughest schedule, trying to get 750's in math and reading, at least 740 writing, 750 and 800 on sat2's, two main ec's have 4 years and leadership, and other smaller ec's that are pretty decent.</p>

<p>i meant to ask if I would be at an advantage at Brown if the male-female ration of applicants os 40-60 and i'm a guy</p>



<p>not true at all. brown, like every school in the country that has an early admissions program, gives an advantage to its early applicants. see avery et al, "the early admissions game," if you doubt this. see also the shamefully large difference, sometimes a multiple of three or four, in early and regular acceptance rates. this being the case, there's little reason NOT to apply early somewhere, so long as a satisfactory "somewhere" can be ID'd.</p>

<p>i have to agree with f.scottie. how can a school not give an advantage to kids who are telling them they are their first and only choice?</p>

<p>i was actually just talking to my sister about brown (which she just graduated from), and even she confirmed my belief that brown tends to be more conservative in their ed acceptions, deffering people who would have been straight out accepted during the rd round. and there is much reason not to apply early somewhere, especially if you only view that place as "satisfactory." good luck being happy with that mindset.</p>

<p>How about Cornell? that's an ivy, nad its ed acceptance rate from 2005 was 43%. sweet eh?</p>

<p>The ED acceptance rates at all 3 schools are very similar. Therefore, instead of looking for mild advantages (such as the gender distribution in Brown's ED pool), focus more on which school you would be happiest at. Demonstrating an intense love for a particular school will have a greater impact on your decision than will any minor differences in acceptance rate, gender ratios, etc.</p>

<p>brown ED acceptance rate, 2010: 22.9%</p>

<p>brown RD acceptance rate, 2010: 12.5%</p>

<p>and those numbers don't even account for ED applicants who were later accepted RD, making the "true" disparity even greater.</p>

<p><a href="http://ivysuccess.com/brown_2010.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://ivysuccess.com/brown_2010.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>brown's ed rate is 23 vs. princeton which is 27??? ***???</p>

<p>one thing i'm afraid of is that the applicant pool at Pton might be stronger than at Brown.</p>