ED Chance?

<p>28 ACT
3.01 GPA Unweighted</p>

<p>School: Very Rigorous Curriculum</p>

<p>Classes: AP AB Calc, AP Stats, Anatomy, Spanish 4, Shakespeare, 3-D design</p>

Prep Hockey Captain, 2 summers of work experience (including office work, camp counselor, and volleyball monitor), Caxy Key (ambassador to potential students), Varsity Volleyball Captain
(Obviously there is more but these are just a few.)</p>

<p>Expected Major: Bio or Computer Sciences </p>

<p>**What do you think that my chances are on getting into Middlebury ED as an athletic recruit? I've talked to the coach many times and he told me that he wanted me to apply ED. I went there for a visit and really loved it out there. I already submitted my app but I'm looking at the other kids who have posted on here and they seem much more qualified than I am. Would there be any reason that he would have me apply if he wouldn't help/aid in my acceptance?</p>

<p>You should ask if he is supporting your application with a "tip" or a "slot". If not, you aren't going to be accepted. Your ACT is below average, so you won't be accepted w/o support.</p>

<p>Do you go to Taft? Many hockey players seem to come from there....</p>

<p>Yeah he said he is going to help my application. Yeah I wasn't ecpecting to ne accepted without his help.
No I don't go to Taft I go to Lake Forest Academy.</p>

<p>So you really should ask(or have your mom ask) if you have a "tip" a "slot", and did you get a "pre-read" before you hit that "send" button?</p>

<p>Honestly, look on the athletic recruits board for a lot more info on the "dos and don'ts"</p>

<p>I don't think you are getting in w/o an ED "slot", better have an ED2 alternative lined up.</p>

<p>I hope you're a really good hockey player. We could use some help on the ice. We used to dominate DIII Hockey. Not so much recently.</p>