ED Chance

This discussion was created from comments split from: Chance Me Boston University (Class of 2025, currently a junior).

planning on apply ed for class of 2025 either as a bio major or human physiology major

uw gpa-3.63 w-4.11
no class rank
ACT: 35
sat math ii:770 planning to take sat bio in august

-sophomore year: ap euro(3)
-junior year: ap calc ab(5), ap psych(4), ap bio(3)
-senior year: ap chem ap stats ap gov ap econ ap csa
-honors bio/chem, math, english freshman and sophomore year
-three years of spanish
-took anatomy(A), preparing for health care occupation(B), and sociology(A) courses at colleges

-CPR and first aid certified
-summer medicine program at Berkeley
-volunteered at community events freshman year(16 hours)
-red cross leadership medical program
-stanford clinical summer internship
-tutored math for 2 years
-volunteered continuously every week since sophomore year at hospital(200+ hours) going to be shift leader
-shadowed three surgeries
-shadowed at a clinic
-founded genetics club at school and raised about $400

indian american female from california

planning to get rec letters from ap bio teacher who i had for honors bio and volunteer coordinator at my hospital

I just graduated as a bio major from BU, you seem to be a strong but fairly standard candidate. However, I think BU will likely like the fact that you’re applying ED. I also think that your strong clinical experience is definitely a plus, particularly for the human physiology program. I say go ahead and apply if BU is your dream school! Best of luck!