ED Chances at CMU

<p>ok, here is what i got..</p>

<p>SAT 1: 740m / 630v (1370)
GPA: 3.7 - 3.9
Rank: 40 / 580 about top 7% in a LARGE class.</p>

<p>Every course i have taken has been either Honors, AP, or for College Credit.</p>

<p>my sat 2's are really bad, but Math IIC 670, Writing 550, Chem 600</p>


<p>3 Years Cross Country Team (Obtained Varsity Letter)
2 Years Indoor Track(JV)
2 Years Track and Feild(JV)</p>

<p>3 Years CAML Math Team
2 Years Yale Quiz Bowl
1 Year Physics Team</p>

<p>Founder / President of Computer Science Club</p>

<p>4 Years programming on TopCoder</p>

<p>member of Project Lead the Way
a nationwide Engineering Program for college credits</p>

<p>only 16 kids out of a class of just under 600 are accepted. (me being one of them)</p>

<p>in that program we take 5 college courses in engineering.</p>

<p>Tutor / "TA" for computer science classes.</p>

<p>i REALLY want to go to SCS, i know its VERY competitive.....but my sat1 scores and GPA are in the middle 50% range according to CMU website for SCS.. and i feel i have really good EC's especially for computer science...</p>

<p>soo what do you think my chances are?? and do you think i should apply to the engineering and the technology college there? do i still get to major in computer science??</p>

<p>thanks guys.</p>

<p>I think you have a pretty solid chance. However, one of my father's coworkers graduated from CMU a few years ago from SCS. He was a 4.0 student at CMU, which shows how intelligent he was. But, even he was initially denied a seat at SCS, but b/c he showed he was competent (4.0's at CMU for the first 2 semesters and for the rest of his time at CMU), he was able to transfer. I'm sure that you're aware that out of the 1386 applicants last yr, only 400 got in -- so a very good chance. Best wishes!</p>

<p>From the CMU website for 2004-05, 393 were accepted out of 1872. You're a bit low in a couple areas, verbal 50% actually is 640-740 in SCS and your SAT2s are a bit low but you have other strengths. Good EC's...could you run cross country for them? I think you definitely have a shot but my opinion is it's a bit of a reach. If you're sure of CMU go with ED and see what happens.</p>

<p>ok i have a question.. do you think i would have a better chance, applying early decision 2 with my 1370 sat...or if i retake them in december, get my 800 in math and a 650+ in verbal... but apply regular decision? which one should i do?</p>

<p>JJPeerless, I was just visiting CMU for my daughter. She is interested in Design. They made an interesting statement: 48-49% of the accepted kids come from early decision and 38% of those accepted come from regular decision. Notice that is less than 100%. The reason is that they accept more than they expect to enroll. However, since a larger portion of the ED accept the admission, this leaves less room for the remainder. The bottom line is that you will clearly increase your chance of admission with early decision. However, be warned. This is BINDING! Also, you will also lose any clout towards getting financial aid other than merit aid.</p>

<p>yea i understand its binding, its ok. but im just worried about my low sat scores..and i thinki wont even have a chance ed....im not sure what to do..</p>

<p>JJPeerless, take the risk on ED if that is the way you feel. I think you have a chance.</p>

<p>this morning i just realized..the Early Decision II at CMU is December 15th. So if i take the dec 4th sat..will the scores make it their in time? (im visiting CMU this weekend so i will ask, but do any of you have any idea?)</p>

<p>you think your class is large try 748</p>

<p>quick question about SAT's...does it look BAD if i were to take the SAT's again in December..it would be my 4th time...i really feel i can bring my score up 100 points...if it is "bad" which would be better... applying with my 1370.. or taking it a 4th time with 1450+.. what do you guys think..i dont know what to do about this..</p>

<p>Check out my post about CMU in both the parent site and the CMU site. I went for a tour and gave an overview with a listing of the Median SAT scores by school.</p>

<p>Early Decision vs Regular Decision..</p>

<p>i need some input because i dont know what to do about this</p>

<p>its either 1370 sat early decision or (hopefully 1450) sat regular decision..</p>

<p>what should i do?</p>

<p>do you think if i put on the common app test dates to be taken, show Dec 4 2004, and apply early decision..if not accepted they would defer me to regular and wait for my dec4th sats?</p>

<p>this is a tough one..</p>