ED Chances, please help!

<p>Hey guys, I'm heavily considering applying to UPenn Early Decision. I'm currently an IB senior at a public high school. My Higher Levels are Math, Biology, and Physics. Here is my information:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.96UW, 4.82W (Only had 2 B's, both in English..one freshman and one junior year)
Rank: 11/135 (There are more than 135 seniors at my school but only 135 are in the IB Program)
SAT: n/a
ACT: 29, 32 and I just took another one...waiting on results
SAT IIs: 690 Bio M, 710 Math 2...retaking both next weekend
AP Exams: 5 taken- 5 AP Eng Lang, 4 AP Eng Lit, 4 Span Lang, 4 Calc AB, 3 Physics C Mech (didn't take AP Eng lit or physics class, I take IB physics though)</p>


<li>Essays: Really good</li>
<li>Teacher Recs: Have not read</li>
<li>Counselor Rec: Have not read</li>

<p>Awards: AP Scholar with Distinction</p>

<p>Clubs etc:
English honor society, spanish honor society, math honor society, science honor society, Interact Service club, Indian student association, national honor society.</p>

<p>Leadership: President of National honor society and Indian student association, historian in Interact Service club</p>

Over 350 hours volunteered at a local hospital where I shadowed doctors/residents around in the Emergency Room.</p>


<li>State or Country: FL</li>
<li>School Type: Public</li>
<li>Ethnicity: Asian (Indian)</li>
<li>Gender: Male</li>
<li>Legacy Yes/No: No</li>
<li>Recruited Yes/No: No</li>

<p>Other Factors: Sister completed college but parents didn't so first generation in college since my sister is the same generation as me?</p>

<p>By the way, I'm looking to go into the medical field so I think I'll be applying to CAS.</p>

<p>Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>no one...?</p>

<p>sorry but your standardized test scores are not up to par. I'd apply to the nursing school though. You'd be a better fit for that than the CAS. </p>

<p>You dont show much accomplishments outside of the school except that one doctor thing so it would help you for nursing. Then transfer to CAS.</p>

<p>well the middle 50% of ACT scores for UPenn is 31-34 so although 32 isn't great it seems enough, but it could be better. As far as accomplishments, the fact that I'm going through IB with the highest Higher Level classes possible limits how much I can do but I've tried to be as well-rounded as possible. Thank you for your input though, might be a reality check :/</p>

<p>Any other opinions?</p>

<p>Any more opinions?</p>

<p>As an Asian male your test scores simply aren't really good enough. It won't hurt to try but apply to other early action schools so that you can get a base maybe.</p>

<p>Ya If you applied ed to nursing I can see it happening.. otherwise long shot i think.</p>

<p>Okay thanks for all of your input. Any further advice would be great, I'm a little confused since people at my school are convinced I can make it, as are my counselors and a friend who is currently a freshman there. Maybe I need to present myself a little better or maybe they are unrealistic.</p>

<p>My friends convinced me I could make it and I didn't. Don't listen to them, and I'm not saying listen to us - but I will say the advice of benevolent strangers is often more accurate than the advice of friends and family. We take the time to post so that you can hear our opinions.</p>

<p>bump 10char</p>

<p>new SAT Subject Test for Math 2 is a 760!</p>

<p>Not sure if you did in fact decide to apply ED, but if you did:
Your GPA is a good, it passes Penn's 3.91 standard
Your Std. test scores are alright in terms of ACT and SAT II - either just in range, or just out. However, your AP scores are going to hurt - Penn likes to see 5s and you haven't taken any History AP's, which is common for CAS students.</p>

<p>EC's - pretty good involvement, a little leadership here and there, but nothing amazing.
Others - That hospital thing is really good.</p>

<p>Advice: You should focus on your essays. Penn considers them very important and they could make a big difference for you.</p>

<p>Evaluation: You're iffy (unless you got these scores up) - the other people on here are right, you should go with nursing. I know the rigorous classwork you're taking is quite the accomplishment, but keep in mind that a lot of Penn applicants have it all.</p>

<p>Chance me back?
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<p>Overall, I'm sorry to say I don't like your chances -- I would say 5-10% (which is not great, but not that bad altogether). Having said that, were you to get in it would be on account of your stellar GPA (congrats!) and ER thing, which if put into a strong well-written essay would definitely be a feather in your cap.</p>

<p>It's not that applying ED doesn't help; it just won't get you an automatic in.
Have you submitted already?</p>

<p>I did submit before the Nov. 1st deadline. Although not what I wanted to hear, I appreciate both of you being honest! I didn't send my AP scores to any colleges because I thought I was supposed to send those AFTER admission since I didn't take AP classes, I'm an IB student who self-studied for the courses. I don't think I'm going to apply to the nursing program simply because I'm not looking to become a nurse.</p>