Ed chances

<p>I have a 3.6 uw gpa and a 4.3 w gpa (avg accepted from my school early is a 3.68 and a 1350 sat)
no rank
30 act
us government -3 (10th grade)
ap lang - 5 (11th grade)
ap psych -4 11th grade
hardest coarse load - 4 apps this year including ap english lit, ap spanish lang, ap calc ab, ap physics b</p>

<p>great teacher recs (one best in career for writing) and amazing guidance rec - even though i didn’t see them, i am aware of the teachers/guidance counselors feelings toward me through comments previously stated</p>

<p>extra curriculars
journalism - editor 11th grade and director of section 12th grade, paper published 13 times a year, top paper in country
reporter for local newspaper two summers
literary arts magazine - eic
religious youth group - chapter president, secretary, treasurer, recruitment, and regional secretary (for 400 students)
4 year varsity tennis player (not recruited) but captain
flute - symphonic band (one of top high school bands) always ones at solo and ensemble festivel play grade 6 out of grade 6 music, 9 years playing
haitat for humanity volunteer- over 300 hours, construction volunteer
tutor children in math and reading - 2 hours a week
youth philanthropy institute - once a month, started by reading grants and deciding where money should go, visit and talk to charities, and now go to local religious schools and educate them and do a demonstration about activity
student page - this upcoming year, work ith state governemtn for two weeks</p>

national scholastic writing awards (1 gold key and 1 silver key) its basiclaly top 1,000 out of 500,000 entries
f. scott fizgerald first palce winner short story
holocuast rememberance project essay top 20 out of 3,000 entries
presidential gold award for community service hours
i have others but those are the main ones that are national/regional</p>

i took hebrew for 10 years (jewish day school plus private tutoring)
after that i decided to take up arabic at a language institute have been doing for past 3 years to learn about culture
so i speak hebrew and spanish pretty fluently, and pretty decent at arabic</p>

<p>essays i think are pretty good explain why brown and extra curriculars in more depth and my mian essay i think is pretty well written</p>

<p>sry last update
i do not have legacy
i am not a minority
i needed surgery in 11th grade and had ot udnergo vision theropy which caused me to be excessively tired visually (might explain not so great grades - but they aren't bad since my school , public, is so competitive - will be covered by guidance counselor</p>

<p>common 74 views and no response</p>

<p>I think why a lot of people (myself included) didn't respond to this is because they're not familiar with the ACT. All I know about a 30 ACT is it's above average for Brown admits. (According to princetonreview.com avg is 29). I don't know what that would be like on the SAT scale.</p>

<p>You're GPA is just a little low, but you have some interesting extracurriculars. You've been involved in some for many years, but you didn't specify the length of time for others. If your essays are really good, they could get you in. Brown is a plausible reach.</p>

<p>One more word of caution: watch out with those teacher recs. If a teacher writes you're the smartest student/best writer, etc. but gives a semi-low grade, Brown might think you're lazy. Nevermind, I just saw your surgery post. But it's still a good point to make for other applicants.</p>

<p>Have you considered signing up for the SAT? Your ACT score is good. However, the northeastern schools are less familiar with ACT than SAT. There have been lengthy and inconclusive discussions on this board as to whether the elite northeastern schools give the ACT as much respect as they should, despite what is officially said. If you were talking about a midwestern school like U Chicago, I would have fewer hesitations about the ACT.</p>

<p>One of the keys in this situation is to find out what percentage of students are admitted who only have the ACT. I will get back to you with that information if I can dig it up.</p>

<p>If you were to be deferred, you could let Brown know about your SAT score (or you could decide not to send it in, if it turned out to be less than you hoped for). </p>

<p>Believe me, I have sympathy. Son's ACT was his stronger score (32) for a long, long time. It was only when he retook the SAT in October that he pulled up the latter, and is using that now for RD.</p>

<p>An update. US News says 96% of the most recent first year students submitted SAT scores; 23% submitted ACT. So just 4% only submitted ACT, while 19% submitted both sets of scores. </p>

<p>Unless you know how many students applied with what scores, it's difficult to draw any conclusions from this. It's possible they get few students applying with only ACT. But we do know that most admitted students have SAT scores.</p>

<p>youth philanthropy 6 years, tutor - 2 years, youth group 5 years</p>

<p>i have a sat score but it was lower than my sat score, so i decided to send the higher score, was this a bad mistake?</p>

<p>An ACT of thirty isn't bad, but it won't be a help at a school like Brown.</p>