ED Chances

<p>I know the App is in... but I'm still rather curious.... :)</p>

<p>Race: Caucasian
Gender: Male</p>

<p>GPA: 3.59 (unweighted, unranked)
ACT: 33 (35-32-34-36)
SAT II: German: 760
National Merit Commended Scholar
Junior and Senior Year: 7 IB Classes per Semester:
IB1 Biology, IB1 English, IB1 French, IB1 Music, IB1 History, IB1 TOK, IB1 Math Methods (Calculus), IB2 Biology, IB2 English, IB2 French, IB2 Music, IB2 History, IB2 TOK, IB2 Math Methods (Calculus),</p>

Team Captain for 3 Sports (Cross Country, Indoor & Outdoor Track)
4 Year Varsity in 3 Sports (Cross Country, Indoor & Outdoor Track)
All-State Honors in Track (nothing that would get me recruited)
11 Years of Piano Playing
National Piano Guild Auditions National Award
National Federation of Music Clubs Festival Certificate Winner
Michigan Music Teachers Association Certificate Winner
Florida Atlantic University Audition Scholarship Winner
Performed on N.P.R. Radio Show in 2001
Taught IB1 Music Theory for 1 year
Accompanied the School Choir & Band for 3 years on the piano
Developed a website for the Cross Country and Track Teams, as well as the Track Clubs (2003 - 2004)
Tutored Math in school for 2 years
Developed an online computer-game (<a href="http://www.majestic12.org%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.majestic12.org&lt;/a&gt;) with over 20,000 players and multiple sponsors (LSG, Arena51)
Translated multiple literary works from Russian and published them on lib.ru, the largest electronic library in the world</p>


<p>National Merit Commended Scholar
Academic Excellence Award – Troy School District (9th, 10th, and 11th grade)</p>

<p>Just a question, how does the IB system work? I hear it's pretty hard.</p>

<p>your GPA might kill you... other than that you look good.. i dont know how to rate chances however.</p>