ED Chances

<p>I'm applying to Columbia Ed, i want to know if i have a chance at all. here are my stats: </p>

highly competitive, private high school </p>

800M </p>

750 Chemistry
770 IIC
730 Writing </p>

91 uw
94 w
pretty hard courses(aps, honors)
school doesn’t rank </p>

international club: Vice President, 10-12
Orchestra: Vice President, 9-12
Speech and Debate Club: 9-12
Habitat for Humanity 9-12
Orchestra outside of school: 10-12
Chinese School: officer, 9-12
Volunteer at hospital: 11-12
Community Improvement Council: 9-10 </p>

Attended program at hospital
Went on a service trip to Ecuador
Attended National Youth Leadership Forum </p>

Worked for friend's pine straw business </p>

I've played piano for 4 years </p>

<p>pretty good recs
good essay </p>

<p>i'm also applying to Emory, Rice, Washington U., Yale, Stanford, GA tech, and Duke. what are my chances at these schools? thanks in advance</p>

<p>Very good chance. Yale and Stanford would be reaches.</p>

<p>thanks! anyone else?</p>

<p>i agree, possibly try to improve your essay from good to great not sure if this helps sorry</p>

<p>Columbia ED-In
Rice-Very good shot
Washington U-Very good shot
Yale-good shot
Stanford-good shot
GA tech-In

<p>i'd also say you have a good shot at getting in. good luck!</p>

<p>your stats are pretty similar to mine, but i'm lookin at duke RD instead.</p>