ED Chances?

<p>Hey Guys!</p>

<p>I'm aiming to ED at Penn this coming fall and I just wanted to know what your thoughts are!</p>

<p>12th Grade
Asian Male
High School Gifted Program (Top 1% of Nation) - IB Diploma one year early
Middle/Upper Middle</p>

<p>GPA: 3.97 (UW) 4.78/5.00 (W)
Class Rank: 8/340 Top 3%~</p>

750 CR, 730 M, 650 W (8 Essay) Total: 2130 (one sitting December)
790 CR, 770 M, 720 W (9 Essay) Total: 2280 (one sitting January)</p>

<p>SAT II:
USH 750
Physics 750</p>

Gov: 5
Bio: 5
Lang: 5
USH: 5
APWH: 5</p>

<p>IB: 38/45 - Two extra points from TOK/EE
Physics HL - 6
History HL - 6
English HL - 5
Math SL - 7
Chinese SL - 6
Biology SL - 6</p>

Toughest in the district/state really.</p>

<p>Awards/Honors: Nothing super significant (aka Intel etc)
IB Diploma
"Humanity" award
Prudential - Local Honoree
AP Scholar w/ Distinction
Assumed National Commended/Semi (PSAT 218)
XC Varisty Letter/State Alternate
JSA Winter Congress - Best Speakers
Best Buy Community Impact Challenge Finalist
Washington State Hearst Scholarship Nominee</p>

Started up my own non-profit - provided over 100 children locally with school supplies and over 75 in Guatemala with supplies/desks.
ASB Treasurer
Hospital Volunteer - 3 years
Science Center Volunteer - 2 years
Founding member of IB Student Council
XC - (will be four years)
Track - (will be four years)

<p>Work experience:
Worked with foster youth in an educational setting.</p>

<p>Any thoughts are welcome!!! Thanks!</p>

<p>Are you applying to Wharton or the College of Arts and Sci?</p>

<p>Sorry, CAS. That probably affects it a lot, huh?</p>

<p>I think you have a really good shot, particularly since it's not Wharton. You are a solid candidate.</p>