ED contract

<p>Does anyone know where I can find the ED contract with Columbia? I heard that I need to sign that contract if I'm applying ED but I have not found it anywhere on Columbia website or the online application.
Thank you.</p>

<p>read the fine print when you sign the application. it says if you are applying ED, signing (or e-signing) means you are agreeing to the contract.</p>

<p>I was wondering this too. I remember filling it out online, but my counselor insists that I need the signatures of my parent and counselor.</p>

<p>read the fine print when you sign the application online...no seriously.</p>

<p>if you still are wondering - Early</a> Decision | Columbia University Office of Undergraduate Admissions - go to the downloadable application. after you complete part I it reads "I certify that all information given on this form is complete and accurate. If applying Early Decision, I agree to abide by the stipulations of that program." to agree to the contract you must only sign your name saying that you will abide by the agreement. no counselor or parent signature is necessary (you are the student and they treat you like you are the one applying, not your parents). other schools operate differently.</p>

<p>of note kids who think they can apply to two early programs, or for example yale EA and columbia ED, please beware: "A student may file only one “Early” application of any kind within the Ivy Group. Candidates in violation of this principle will not be considered until the spring." that is under instructions re: Ivy Group Statement</p>

<p>the AO says in email that Columbia does not have an ED agreement or something,</p>