ED Dartmouth - Is this THE TRUTH?

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<p>I am really confused. I'm an international student and I'm planning to apply ED to Dartmouth. All my documents and stuff is almost ready. But I was wondering, considering that the ED at Dartmouth is 'Binding' does that mean that I can't apply to any other college in the ED pool. Agreed if I get accepted <like thats="" happening=""> by D I would withdraw all my other applications <which i="" would="" do="" joyously="">, but does that mean I can't even apply to other schools in the ED pool. (eg: Williams, Duke)</which></like></p>

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<p>That is exactly true. Applying to ED at Dartmouth would mean that you would not be able to apply ED to say, Williams or Duke (which makes sense, because you would be bound to another school and left without that even as an option!)</p>

<p>Some ambiguity in your question, but just to be clear: if you apply ED to Dartmouth, you can’t apply ED to any other school, and if you’re accepted to Dartmouth ED you need to accept their offer and withdraw all other outstanding applications. But you CAN apply ED to Dartmouth and at the same time apply RD to other schools—Williams, Duke, whatever. Those RD schools won’t get back to you until the spring, long after you’ve heard from Dartmouth on your ED application.</p>

<p>Does that clarify?</p>

<p>Thanks, you guys.
I got that now :)</p>

<p>Thanks, you guys.
Got that now :)</p>