ED Decisions 2025 UChicago

Does anyone know when the UChicago ED 1 decisions get released? I need to mentally prepare myself on the day of so I’m not doing something random when I get the decision email

Am waiting too, they said they’d update the date in the portal.

I’m super nervous because it’s almost mid december and they still have no official day. the past few years they announced the official day around the 10th/11th but they haven’t done that yet

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Late afternoon on the 21st!

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They posted it on Facebook 12/21

I’m so stressed:)

Me too! How is everyone else feeling? Just a few more days until we find out

Good luck everyone!!


Big day tomorrow…!!!
Post when you hear… Best of luck!

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anybody else surprised at the lack of people on this thread?

There is an EA thread… but not a lot of activity there either compared to other threads we are following. Good luck to everyone!

YEAH! There’s no one talking about UChicago this year, kinda weird

It really is odd.
I wonder if that’s a sign for how many people applied…!

I hope so if that means everyone has a better chance!

good luck to everyone!!

Good luck! May we all recieve good news today!

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THeyre out!

Anyone got in with the green check Ed forms disappeared

What does it mean? Is it a good sign?