ED decisions

Does anyone know if decisions may possibly come out before the 15th? I know this is the first year Muhlenberg is doing ED1 and ED2 (used to be more of a rolling ED), so didn’t know is that date may be an approximation and we may be lucky and find out a bit earlier. DD is impatiently waiting. Also anyone know if some of the admin counselors do calls at all or is it all online?

They call if you get in ED!!

That would be amazing if they came out earlier than the 15th…I’m counting down the days!! I applied ED too and Muhlenberg is by far my favorite college and has been since my first college visit sophomore year. Fingers crossed, and best of luck :slight_smile:

Where did you hear that they make personal phone calls to accepted ED students?

^ Is the admissions office not open on the weekends? And does anyone know if we receive an actual letter as well saying we were accepted?

An email sent out by Admissions today indicates that ED1 decisions will be posted online at 4 pm EST on Friday, December 14 (via your personal admissions portal). A letter will be sent out in the mail after that. Good luck to everyone waiting! ?

Thank you! Did Admissions send this email to all applicants? I never received an email from them with that information