ED Deferral

<p>Just a few questions,
1) Does everyone/most get deferred?
2) When the application is re-evaluated, do they take into consideration the fact that you did do ED
3) Would it be possible to submit an ED II application? ( I Highly doubt it, but I was just checking)
4) Can you change the major on your application? ( I applied to Business and I think that could be a reason as to why)
5) Will they take into consideration demonstrated interest? ( Participated in an Info Session, Tour, and the 2009 Diversity Achievers Program)</p>

<p>I believe Lehigh's ED deferrals are their nice way of politely telling people no. It just becomes a case of supply and demand going forward. There are now less spots available for RD and a whole new crop of very qualified applicants for them to choose from. As a DAP applicant you probably had a greater uphill battle since you were competing against a much smaller pool of applicants. Lehigh takes about 5% Black and 3% Hispanic students so it gets more competitive for you as the admissions process continues. Your best and probably your only hope is to get recommendations from your guidance department supporting you and stating they know you will be able to handle Lehigh academically. Lehigh wants this "security" that you will be able to survive in their very competitive enviorment. Good luck!</p>

<p>I guess it depends on the application really, as I was accepted ED and was a DAP person.</p>

<p>@NKbaseballbum18 Were you accepted from the deferral?!</p>