ED/EA- georgetown v. uchicago v. brown

<p>I'm trying to decide where to apply early too.
i'm hopelessly in love with any of the 3. i'm in the fortunate position of even loving my safety school haha
i'm not really asking which of the 3 you prefer, (though that's appreciated in helping me with my decision) but rather, which you think I have the best shot of getting into based on the types of students they go for etc.
additional factors-- georgetown typically only takes one from my school.
brown and uchicago each took one last year but that was unusual.
a guy at my school has basically been accepted for athletics to brown.
i am aware that brown is binding (i.e. ED not EA)-- i'm more than willing to make that commitment, so the question, I guess, is what is the advantage tradeoff to applying ED, especially considering I already know someone from my school who will be taken ED?
and how much do uchicago and georgetown value early applicants?
finally- if theres any school you think i should be considering applying to early instead?</p>

<p>I'm looking to major in either (potential double major) English or International Relations- for georgetown it would def be IR.</p>

<p>These are my stats:
SAT: 2340
verbal and writing: 800
sat2s: lit:800, ushistory:730-- i'm doing another set of 3 in october, but I expect they'll be all above 700.
Class Rank: 38 out of 1000 at a competitive public high school in the south.</p>

<p>ECs: I'm a varsity debater and go to upwards of 12-15 tournaments a year/huge time commitment equivalent or superior to varsity sports. I got 2nd at state junior year, semifinaled at nationals, president senior year. etc (this is my biggest EC)
excessive amounts of community service (probably atleast 400 cumulative hours) and some specific service which is unique and which can be talked about in essays etc
membership on various leadership councils etc both at school and community
piano recreationally since 6th grade
involvement with church
job starting in august
more not listed.... </p>

always honors/AP. no regular placement.
as of my junior year:
4 yrs of french (including ap 4)
6 years of math- h alg/h alg2/h geom/h precal/ ap stats(4 on ap stat)
4 yrs of english- h 1/h 2/ap3/ (4 on ap eng)/h english elective credit
5 history courses- h worldhistory/aphuman geo (ap score of 5)/ap european (ap score of 5)/ap world history(5 on aptest)/ap art history(4 on ap test)
science is my weakest: hbio/hchem/hphysics
also i took the ap test for comp gov without doing the class on a whim (4 on test)
various humanities-esque elective credits
senior year schedule: ap eng 4, ap calc BC, ap env sci, french 5 H, ap econ macro and micro, ap us gov, ap psych, debate</p>

<p>oh- i'm a white upper middle class boring female unfortunately. ;), though i am a dual british/american citizen. (and whole family lives in england)
my other schools i'm likely applying to are: northwestern, dartmouth, GWU, vandy, emory, tufts, yale, harvard, stanford, oxford in england.
"chance me" if you feel like doing so too.</p>

<p>much thanks and any and all advice appreciated!</p>

<p>idk if chicago has an ED/EA, but maybe that was just for this previous year. Like you said, Georgetown would probably be your best bet major-wise, but your scores are excellent so you can pretty much choose any of the 3. </p>

<p>But Georgetown is probably the easiest one to get into here. But idk about brown and chicago's basically an LAC. I would research those schools a bit more to make your final decision.</p>

<p>I'm in a similar bind. I'm going to major in IR or in PoliSci at schools that don't have an IR major and really liked SFS at Georgetown, but I really like Columbia and Chicago. I think I'll apply EA to Chicago and SFS and RD at Columbia. My chances might be lower at Columbia, but otherwise, I'd be playing "what if?" games in my mind with the other two schools.</p>

<p>Better school for IR is Georgetown. For English, University of Chicago. I can't really tell you which one to choose since I think you have a good shot of getting accepted into all three of those even if you don't ED/EA. The decision is all yours. Best of luck.</p>

<p>Thanks. The reason I'm considering other more LAC schools for IR (or policy analysis etc) is I've read that Georgetown is very pre-professional (I.e training diplomats) which was kindof a concern for me as I'm not deadset that's what I want. Anyone know the extent of truth to that claim?
Uchicago does have early action this year btw.</p>

<p>Oohindu-yes I kinda didn't phrase that right-
it's ea uchicago and Georgetown v Ed brown.
That sounds like a smart decision your making.
I'm just not sure if there's any advantage to applying to those early, that's more my concern.</p>

<p>There probably isn't statistically. Georgetown only accepts "EA applicants who we would accept in RD." The rate of admission is therefore the same or very similar. The advantage is that you can get the GTown Application done early and not have to worry about it come RD application time, since they don't use the CommonApp. You could probably get into all three rd, you have a good shot, and if you really like Brown, apply ED because there's a statistical advantage to doing so. But if you're not completely set on Brown as your first choice, just wait it out until RD.</p>

<p>ED to Brown.</p>

<p>Ah okay. Well all my apps will be done long before the ED deadline; I've devoted august to them since I simply don't have time during the year. so it's really of little to no benefit. I saw that quote on the gtown website but wasn't sure of the practical validity of it.
Thanks that's all very informative though and best of luck in your own endeavors!</p>

<p>I think you have Brown written all over you!</p>