ED/EA Miami University Ohio Fall 2023

She had 4.31 and 30 ACT, so pretty average

Did they give him money too?

Congrats everyone!!! It’s early! Of course my D is not home to check.

My son just checked his portal and was accepted with $12K merit, waiting for a decision on Honors College and the Prodesse Scholars Program.
OOS 3.8GPA/ 1310 SAT. Sports management and Entrepreneurship co-major.
Rigorous Jesuit HS, varsity athlete 4 years (captain), AAA club hockey, several ECs, lots of volunteering.


My son got in too! Never got an email, just the letter in the portal.


My son got in. In state 4.43 weighted GPA, 30 ACT, $13000 Red Hawk Academic Excellence Scholarship. Nice offer…probably not attending however.

Daughter just got into Honors there. OOS. $25,000 merit. Great option!


OOS and nice scholarship


My daughter received $10,000 merit and honors college. In state, 31 ACT 4.5 GPA.

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D is IN. OOS and wow nice merit.

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Son got his acceptance this morning as well.

In-state, 4.1 GPA, 30 ACT, 4-year varsity soccer (2 year captain). $6,000 a year in scholarships.

It’s on his Top 3 list, not sure where it ranks, though. Should hopefully get the other two today.

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D23 was also accepted! OOS 23K merit and 3.99 W GPA. Test optional.

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The EA decisions were actually released last night, 12/14

Son accepted 3.34 UW GPA no test score. Offered $4000/year merit.

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Im out of state test optional with a 3.8. I applied with exploratory major and my co major was pre med. Which I didnt mean to put. I go in but through the pathway program. I feel as though if I didnt apply with the pre med I would have got in with scholarships what should I do?

We live in California and my daughter got her decision last night at 9 pm our time

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My daughter got in!! 3.9 W, 27 ACT, rigorous high school. This was a late add for her based on their presentation at school so we haven’t even visited. This is where I hope she ends up. We are OOS.

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My DS got into Farmer’s School of Business. OOS (test optional) with a $19K/year merit! We’ll be visiting in the new year!


D23 accepted into CAS - History/Education
Accepted Honors Program
Merit $34K
31/1410 4.55 GPA w.
7 AP taken and passed all, 4 more senior year
Varisty Tennis, NHS, Game Club, etc. Held leadership positions in 2 areas.

D23’s big sister is at Miami right now graduating in May. If you are serious about Miami and have questions send me a message I know a lot about it.


Thank you- I am going to message you now.