Ed: Easier Or Harder?

<p>Do you guys truly think ED is easier to get into or harder. I know the percent last year was 8 percent ( NOT 11) acceptance RD and 24 percent ED, but do you think thats because "the applicant pool is stronger" or what.</p>

<p>i think the applicant pool is stronger to some degree but not enough to account for such a disparity in acceptances... so ED is easier, but shh they don't like to say that</p>

<p>I was wondering the same myself. I read somewhere that the applicant pool is NOT stronger b/c all the reallllllly strong kids don't want to be tied to one school ED so they only apply EA or RD. I guess you could apply that same logic and say that more slightly weaker applicants apply ED to raise their chances of acceptance. But hey, I don't know.</p>

<p>I absolutely agree with Scorpio, candidates with excellent stats will not bind themselves to a certain school. It's usually applicants with ballpark or below stats that needs the extra boost.</p>

<p>eh i have doubts about the stats theory but i see where you're coming from</p>

<p>I unno I'm one of those kids that can totally handle the work given anywhere (not just columbia) but I was never really focused in high school... we'll see how my ED goes.. I'm not expecting to get in though...</p>

<p>The real reason they admit a lot of EDers is so a) they can bump up their "yield"--which I think is the percent of students who are accepted and actually attend and b) because the EDers already have something the RDrs don't: an extreme show of interest in the college. That's my guess.</p>

<p>if they wanted that... just take all the kids that don't need financial aid and are applying ED (that way I can get in ^_^)</p>