ED I or Regular Decision? Help

<p>Hi I am in my junior year and currently have a 3.3 gpa UW, 3.6 W. I have taken 3 aps thus far, and plan on taking 4/6 Ap courses next year to show colleges I am still challenging myself. I have a 1910 SAT combined, and my best sitting is 1860, I will work to get to 2000 by the fall, and am taking the ACT as well. I will have good recs and I am starting my essay soon. I lived in DC and loved it and want to return so i will definitely incorporate into my essay. lots of EC's and good leadership positions, also a job. I am just stuck on whether my chances would be better if i applied ED or if I take a chance and hope my gpa increases greatly in the first half of senior year and apply regular? Won't the school see my course-load anyway? GWU is definitely my first choice, and their ED acceptance rate is way higher than their RD</p>

<p>ED acceptance rate is no longer “way higher” than RD but still is helpful</p>

<p>ED is always better for acceptance chances providing you understand the contractual aggreement. If accepted you must attend and withdraw any other college apps out there. You can really only refuse to attend IF the FA offered is not sufficient.</p>

<p>Applying ED lets GW know they are your #1 choice and shows the “Best” demonstrated interest" you can show. Make sure your essays say wht “GW” and not just “DC”.</p>

<p>You get 1st choice for freshman housing oever EDII, and RD.</p>

<p>Most people I talk with says the FA calculations are the “same” whether you apply ED or RD. However, I’m somewhat skeptical on this issue, because with ED you’re kind of obligated and you also can’t compare FA offers from other schools.</p>

<p>Once again - if GW is #1 and finances are not too much of a factor - EDI is the way to go for GW admissions IMHO.</p>


<p>Thanks for the reply! But do they see my senior year course-load/1st quarter grades? Because I feel as though my gpa is a little low and I would be able to bring it up</p>

<p>If it is your top choice you should definitely apply early decision. There is a slight admissions boost and they will probably give you the benefit of the doubt if you are right on the border. They will see the classes you are taking and will probably get your grades midway through the year.</p>

<p>They will definitely see your senior course load. I applied ED and my guidance counselor gave me the option of sending in my 1st quarter grades (which I did). So you can just send then yourself if you want.</p>