Ed ii??

<p>If Ive already applied early action somewhere and gotten rejected, can I apply ED II to Tufts still or is that not allowed?
Also, why is the ED II deadline the same as the regular deadline?</p>

<p>Yes, you can apply ED 2. As an ED 2 applicant, even though the deadline is the same as the RD deadline, you will get your decision much earlier than RD applicants. Remember that it will be a binding decision if you apply ED2.</p>

<p>ah! I see, and do you know if EDII drastically improves your chances?</p>

you know if EDII drastically improves your chances?


<p>I can answer that: it does not. A simple answer, but because this year, for some reason, has seen much more mention of ED than in previous years, I'll go on for a bit. Applying ED does not make you a more compelling applicant. Applying early <em>can</em> inject additional sanity to the process, by allowing you to move through it more quickly, but even that is only true if you are truly meant to apply early.</p>

<p>When I'm asked that question on the road, I answer, but only after saying, "If ED is the right option for you, then the odds shouldn't matter." If you are so sure that Tufts is the school for you, so positive that we're where you want to be for four years, so thorough in your research that you know your opinions won't change, then the answer to the above quoted question should not matter. The odds aren't the reason you apply early.</p>

<p>And because we believe this, we're pretty strict about how we conduct early decision so as to prevent the hysteria that convinces students they can't get in unless they apply binding early decision. I'm a Tufts alum, and even though I am tremendously prideful of Tufts (GO BEELZEBUBS!), I don't have some absurd expectation that we should be every students' first choice. Nor do I hold the belief that the only students we should admit are the ones who hold us as their top pick. Of course it's exciting when awesome students apply ED to Tufts, and it's a wonderful expression of confidence when that happens, but it's unreasonable to expect that everyone will make that choice. </p>

<p>Remember that you are the steward of your own future in this process - not me, and not any other admissions officer. If you can choose in April, and you aren't ready to choose in December, then choose in April.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot Dan, that was really helpful in clearing things up. Since Tufts is the only school I'm applying to that offers ED II, I was a a little confused.
And I think it's wonderful that you are helping us lost and confused applicants (or maybe I'm just speaking for myself?) through this college process, and its good to hear facts instead of speculations, so thank you =)</p>

<p>Hello. This is my first ever post on CC and I have a practical question. My son just applied to Tufts RD and is very excited about the possibility of going there. All along Tufts was a top choice for him, and as he took his standardized tests Junior/senior year he automatically had the results sent to Tufts, as we had been advised that colleges will only look at the highest scores so you might as well send them all. So Tufts now has all his SATs and his ACT. As it turns out, his SAT scores are much better than his ACT (he has combined SAT of 2130, while his composite ACT is 29). He also has very good SAT subject scores in chemistry and math II. We've recently heard that if you send Tufts both SAT and ACT scores, they will consider both scores. Is this true? I feel his SAT puts him in the Tufts ballpark, but his ACT is too low. So my question: a) Will Tufts consider both scores if both have been sent? and b) if so, is there a way we can request that Tufts only consider the SAT? He recently sent an email to the admissions counselor for our state asking this question but hasn't heard anything back yet. Should he send an official request to admissions via regular mail?
Dan, I think perhaps you can answer this question, as you seem to be very knowledgeable, helpful and practical.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for your time.</p>

<p>I suspect you don't have to worry about it and that Tufts will consider the stronger SAT, but Dan is your go-to guy on these questions.</p>

<p>from Dean Coffin, they only consider your highest scores (look under the "Myths" blog):</p>

<p>Inside</a> the dean’s office</p>