ED question

<p>What do you guys have to say about applying Early Decision to a school you've never actually visited? I personally would never do it, but I have two friends who did this year, one who just got accepted into Northwestern, and another who is awaiting results from UPenn. </p>

<p>From my perspective, it's one thing to read about a school online and hear what other people say about it, but actually setting foot on campus yourself is another thing. I just feel that there's so much more than simply a school's academic reputation on paper to consider. Of course, I wish my friends luck and hope that things work out for them at the schools they attend, but I still have to wonder if things might not go the way they planned come next September.</p>

<p>I agree this seems a bit risky. </p>

<p>OTOH, since I did my visits as a junior from the opposite coast, I never laid eyes on my college until the day I arrived there as a freshman, and I absolutely loved it.</p>

<p>Sometimes research is enough and sometimes the visits actually give a skewed picture...</p>