Ed Roll Call

<p>Ok who is applying ED and where are you applying? I applied to carleton and university of minnesota: minneapolis regular decision, and i applied to lawrence university EA. Later that day i got a call from one of the coaches at lawrence and we talked about my sport and what my times are etc. and then he asked me if i could come and stay overnight before my basketball season starts, and then he asked me when i was going to be applying and he said he would send me a fee waiver if i wanted. but anyways, he was really enthusiastic. The day after that I emailed the coach and i told him i had applied EA instead of ED because of financial reasons, and he wrote me back and told me i should apply ED because you get a financial estimation form from the school to fill out if you get accepted and they give you an estimated financial aid package which you have 4 weeks to decide is suitable or not, so i changed to ED!</p>