ED SAT 2's

<p>I have an ACT w/ writing (33) and I want to apply ED to Duke, because I'm not the strongest applicant in terms of numbers. Is not taking SAT 2's going to really hurt me?</p>

<p>They strongly recommend you take sat subject tests, so it most likely will</p>

<p>While SAT IIs are optional for ACT takers, they will definitely help show off your knowledge if you can get two in the mid 700s. I'd say it would hurt you if others with similar ACTs took SAT IIs and scored well on them (it would help them jump over you so to speak). You could try and take them blind and send them straight away (pretty risky though), or if you are super paranoid take them and apply RD.</p>

<p>S has applied ED. First try at SAT subject test was last summer. He only took one (still not sure why), US HIST and scored a 750. He took Math and Biology in Nov and is awating scores. He's confident he did well on Math, but not sure about Bio since he's only six weeks into the class in school.....he needed a science subject for RD at another school.
So, does he automatically send both to Duke admissions via registration, or wait to see scores and decide whether or not to send the science?
They alrerady have his US HIST score, his SAT's (2060) and ACT w/wrtitng (33).</p>

<p>Send them automatically because if you wait until you get them, that's another delay of a few days until Duke gets them and you are already cutting it pretty thin on the time margin by taking it in November.</p>

<p>ACT w/writing is sufficient. D applied ED last year w/o SAT IIs and was accepted.</p>

<p>Thanks all for the responses.
Sherpa or anyone else, sorry to steer slightly off topic but one more question for my S:
His ACT w/ writing from OCT has been sent. It was a 33 composite with a 32 on the Math.
His previous ACT has not ben sent. It was without writing. He scored a 31 composite with a 34 in math.
Should he send the oldest one (w/o writing) just so they see the math score or do you think it will have an overall negative effect?
Thanks again</p>

<p>Duke says on their admissions website that: </p>



<p>So submit them if you want, the higher math subscore may be considered. But I really think that at this point, the score won't be a deal breaker no matter what you do.</p>