ED Statistics are available...

<p>Newsweek publishes Kaplan's "America's Hottest Colleges" every August, and UF's statistics on Admissions, Academics, Costs, Student Body, etc. are included.</p>

<p>My son is a freshman now, so the issue I'm referring to is last year's 2006 college issue. Following are the UF stats published in last year's issue. (They don't include percentages. That's my math, and you might want to check it.)</p>

<p>Percent Early Decision Admitted: 63%
Percent Regular Decision Admitted: 51%
Percent Total Applications Admitted: 52.5%</p>

<p>Kaplan doesn't include students who applied for Regular Decision, so I subtracted ED apps from Total apps to determine that 20,137 students applied Regular Decision, and 51% were admitted. Here's how I did it:</p>

Number applied for Early Decision: 2,836 (Kaplan's numbers)
Number admitted Early Decision: 1,792
Percent ED admitted: About 63% </p>

Total number of student applications: 22,973 (Kaplan's numbers)
Total number of student admitted: 12,029
Percent Total apps admitted: About 52%</p>

Total number of applications (22,973) less Early Decision applications (2,836) leaves 20,137 Regular Decision applications.</p>

<p>Total students admitted (12,029), less Early Decision admissions (1,792) leaves 10,237 students admitted through Regular Decision. That's about 51%.</p>

<p>If my math is correct, it appears that your chances of being accepted through ED are a bit higher. Another Kaplan fact is that out of 12,029 students accepted by UF in 2005, only 6,596 students actually enrolled. That kind of surprised me.</p>

<p>Best of luck to all of you!

<p>Great stats thanks a lot! I've been arguing against people that say that ED won't help your chances at UF and that helps me out. I'm sending my application in today/tomorrow so now I can ease off a little bit of tension</p>

<p>You're right about the tension relief, Ruo. It's such a great feeling, finally getting the application off in the mail. That alone is worth applying ED! You are DONE! </p>

<p>A few days after Admissions receives your application, Housing will send you an e-mail telling you to fill out your Housing Application online. This first housing form does not ask you for your dorm preferences, as I recall. It does ask for a $25.00 deposit that you can pay online or mail to them. Afterwards, my son got a postcard with his housing priority date, based on the day they received his Housing Application.</p>

<p>HINT: The Admissions Dept. gets hundreds of applications towards the end of the application deadline. The Housing Dept. told me that it sometimes takes Admissions a few days to forward students names to them, because so many applications come in at once towards the end. This might delay your e-mail from Housing. Don't be shy about calling Housing to see if they've received your name from Admissions. And don't wait to fill out the Housing Application so you can get a good priority date!</p>

<p>Good luck to you, Ruo!<br>

<p>ah thx for the info</p>

<p>awesome thanks for the info,i hope to get my UF app out very soon ED</p>

<p>Yeah? GL gator bait, we're all in the waiting boat soon</p>