ED stats

<p>post ED stats here...</p>

<p>so we can all see how lucky we were getting in or unlucky in getting rejected</p>

<p>this is just until the Wes newspaper comes out with an official page of statistics</p>

<p>What exactly are you looking for?</p>

<p>you know, scores, gpa, EC's... just to compare. Actually, forget it. It doesn't matter now for the people who got in, just thought it might give the RD people a better idea of what they are up against</p>

<p>I also know that scores are probably a bit lower with ED people than RD, since the acceptance rate goes up more than 10%</p>

<p>but really, never mind</p>

<p>No, I think it's a good idea. If I were applying ED, I'd be curious. But if you've changed your mind, I don't want to be some random only person posting her SAT scores, haha.</p>

<p>As a RD applicant, I would personally love to know what the stats were for people accepted ED.</p>

<p>And congrats to all of you. :)</p>

<p>ok, I'll start by posting my scores, and I hope others will join in... i was accepted ED:</p>

<p>SAT: 630M, 730V, 770W
SAT II: 650 Lit, 680 History
GPA: about 3.8 UW, about 4.57 W (my school doesn't rank)
APs: Lang/Comp-5, World-4, Gov.-4
(I will have taken a total of 7 AP classes by the end of high school)</p>

<p>ECs: pep band, track, soccer, tutor, children's soccer clinic, camp couselor, ect.</p>

<p>Honors: maryland dist. scholar honorable mention, NHS, SHS, AP scholar</p>

<p>Recs: I think I had one or two really good ones, but my GCs was probably terrible. I also had two professors in Wes write me a couple (family friends)</p>

<p>Essays: pretty good personal statement, I also attached a 'why' essay even though it is not required</p>

<p>Anything else: I mentioned that I used to live in Middletown, until I was 7.</p>

<p>I feel kind of weird posting my scores, but I hope it helps some RD people. Everyone else who got in ED, post stuff soon so I'm not alone!</p>

<p>SAT: 680M, 730V, 790W
SAT II: 750 Lit, 800 History
GPA: about 3.8 UW, about 4.2 W (top 10% of my class, competitve HS)
APs: U.S. History (2 year course) - 5
This year I'm in AP French, AP Euro, and AP English (2 year course)</p>

<p>ECs: (the most important ones) Theatre crew (sound & lights), French Honor Society (Vice President & Director of Tutoring Services), Amnesty International, creative work (writing, photography, film)</p>

<p>Honors: NHS, FHS, Smith College Book Award, "Proclamation for Writing" from the Board of Ed., some writing published in lit mags</p>

<p>Recs: I had three, two English teachers and one history. I didn't read them, but they were probably all excellent. Same for my guidance counselor; she said "it was fun to write."</p>

<p>Essays: I tried to be a little creative. I talked about experimenting with stop motion animation. I wrote the EC essay about being on theatre crew.</p>

<p>Anything else: My interview (local) went really well. I went into it knowing a lot of specifics about Wes that appealed to me, and I think that helped.</p>

<p>It's very helpful to know your scores. Thanks for posting, even though it feels a little weird. Congrats to those who got in!</p>

<p>thanks for posting! you guys are both amazing :) I REALLY love Wesleyan... and I hope to maybe see you guys next year! (RD rounders, good luck! ahhh I'm so nervous... even though they don't come out till April... lol)</p>

<p>SAT I</p>

<p>CR: 750 Math: 800 WR:790</p>

<p>SAT II's</p>

<p>Lit: 790 MathIIC:800 MathIC:740 US His:800 Latin:800</p>

<p>APs: Latin Literature:5 Latin Virgil:5 English Language:5 Eng Lit:5 Modern Euro: 4 US History:5 Calc BC:5 Physics C (Mechanics):4 </p>

<p>GPA: 4.0/4.0 9th-11th grade</p>

<p>Senior Year (fall trimester, not that they saw it): 5.7/6.0</p>

<p>ECs: XC captain 11th grade, varsity all through high school</p>

<p>Volunteer at AIDS Hospice: 550 Hours</p>

<p>Peer Counselor</p>

<p>Contributing Writer to Literary Mag</p>

<p>A few other things</p>

<p>Recs: 11th Grade English Teacher: Amazing
Linear Algebra Teacher: pretty pedestrian</p>

<p>Counselor Eval: Very Solid</p>

<p>Essay: creative, a little bold and inappropriate, but it seemed to work</p>

<p>SAT I
CR: 770 M: 760 WR: 710
Math IIC: 780, Physics: 760, Chem: 700
Physics B - 5, English Language - 5, US Hist - 4, Chem - 4

<p>EC: LitMag Editor, Math/Physics tutor, NHS, Mandolin/Guitar for 5 years in bluegrass/Irish bands, Columbia University summer Theoretical Physics program, Interned and volunteered with local congressional candidate.</p>

<p>Recs - 11th grade english teacher is an ADD case, I have no idea
Physics B teacher - good
Counselor - good
Essay - nothing spectacular, showed how i love music and physics.
Other stuff - sent in a short tape of a bluegrass jam with my band, and a few short irish songs that I recorded at home on some software</p>

<p>great thread..this'll surely help those who applied for rd like me
thank u everyone who contributed with their stats</p>

<p>you know what's funny:</p>

<p>i remember going through all the same stuff, and as soon as you finally get in, you completely forget about it all. i memorized all my extra currics and scores and rankings and could spit them out upon instruction, but now i have trouble remembering even the most basic info. just shows how all that stuff you do to inflate your application is meaningless in the long run.</p>

<p>Has anyone been able to find any release from Wesleyan on how many ED 1 and ED 2 applications they received?</p>

<p>I'm a highschool junior, and i've been looking up colleges and stuff and am pretty interested in wesleyan. i'm wondering if people could tell me if i' d be "in the running" for being accepted, i'd probably apply early decision. i've gotten 4.0's freshman and sophmore years, but 1st semester junior year i'm probably gona end up with a 3.6- B's in pre-calc and accelerated math physics. i take honors classes as often as i can, and advanced math, science, etc. other stats.... my SAT is about a 2100, iive been a dancer for quite a while, ive taken month-long summer kayaking trips through a camp for the past few years, i started a dance volunteering program where i teach underprivleged kids dance once a week.. NHS, FHS, vice=president of student council.. hopefully will get a job this summer.</p>

<p>You're certainly in the running. But, you should also be aware that because more females than males apply to Wesleyan every year, what might look like a shoo-in for a guy may just get you in by the skin-of-your-teeth if you are a girl. Geographic diversity is a plus. Unfortunately, I don't think performing arts are quite the hook they may have been twenty years ago (Wesleyan already has more Academy Award nominees, best selling authors and successful musicians among its grads than any other NESCAC college.) Get those grades up just a little higher in math physics and present yourself as a "well-rounded" applicant -- which you already are. :)</p>

<p>thanks:)! i'm from wisconsin.. would that help at all? that's too bad about performing arts stuff though.. because i also was gona say i forgot to mention i had a lead dance role in my high school musical this year.</p>

<p>Wisconsin does help. And, don't get me wrong; excellence in anything is still a hook. I just didn't want you to think you <em>had</em> to be an artist or performer in order to make it at Wesleyan. I don't think that's true any longer, IMHO.</p>

<p>ah i love this site already, there are so many people that the responses are so quick!</p>

<p>I have a question for anyone. My son (a junior) has excellent SAT scores, has taken the classes he should take. These are his stats. What do you think his chances are? We live in Florida.</p>

<p>SAT 1
700M 800V 760Writing (2260)</p>

World History 680
Hasn't taken any more as of yet</p>

<p>Present GPA
3.5 UW, 3.9 W</p>

<p>AP World - 4
Taking AP History and English
Rest of classes are Honors where ever offered</p>

<p>Water polo team 3 years so far
Jazz Band 3 years so far - playing piano/keyboard for 10 years
Chess - Secretary - won individual award at last national competition 21st place - they recognize the first 25
Contriutes to literary magazine at school
National Merit (not sure what award standing, but scored 216)
Won first place in 2 photography contests
Best Buddies
Travel - spent past 2 summers in thailand, vietnam, india and china this coming summer attempting to learn some of the language.</p>

<p>Will have excellent recs. Especially from English teachers. That is his major strength.</p>

<p>Basically very talented kid, obviously extremely bright but doesnt quiet achieve the grades they he could...meaning just missing the A's since 10th grade and gets the B+.</p>

<p>He is also intested in Vassar. Emory due to the creative writing, proximity to Miami (weather) and they just sent out a press release that the Dalai Lama accepted profesorship at Emory which really impressed him. Oh and also, sister and dad went there.</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins has a writing seminar department as well, so that could be a choice.</p>

<p>I welcome your thoughts...</p>