ED to NYU Stern

Is early decision to NYU Stern significantly boost my chances of getting in? And if I do early decision, what is their incentive of giving me scholarships since I have no choice but to agree with whatever plan they give me?

This is very difficult to answer because we do not know your stats or anything about you. Early Decision in general often has higher acceptance rates, but not always. However, the people who participate in ED are generally more qualified and more competitive, making the applicant pool even tougher.

@Bridgewood these are my stats now
SAT:2190 (CR:680/M:740/WR:770)
ACT:34 (E35/M36/R35/S28)
Currently top 10% with a 96 (4.0) GPA
Freshmen year: AP Hug (5), rest were honors
Sophomore year: AP bio (4), AP stat (4), AP Euro (5), rest honors
Junior year: AP US, AP calc BC, AP lang, AP physics 1 and 2, AP psych
Prospective senior schedule: AP macro micro, AP lit, AP physics C, AP Spanish, AP Gov
(Taking the most challenging schedules in my grade)
Extra curricular:
Student government: officer position every year with various fundraisers and school events, current position is vice chairperson
Debate: current secretary, 3 year member, 3x state qualifier, placed at states freshmen and sophomore year, placed top 32 at UPENN Liberty Classic, currently a PF varsity debater, starting a debate program for 8th graders next school year
FBLA: current treasurer, 2 year member, placed at Long island competition and recognized by local politians, first year the team is going to states, elected president for senior year
Spanish honor society: first year member
Business honor society: first year member
National Honor Society: first year member
Model UN: two year member
Deca: first year member, going to regional competition
Sports: 3 year JV wrestler, 3 year spring track (JV freshmen yr, varsity sophomore and junior years)
Political campaign internship: 36 hours of canvassing/phone calls/recruiting other interns with democrat candidates
BRAC internship: traveled to Bangladesh summer after sophomore year to intern with the BRAC NGO (I’m bengali) in order to help create a cost efficient method of growing potatoes in third world countries, wrote a research paper which may or may not be published depending on how the new center in Kenya works. Worked with Dr. Javier Zapata
This summer, I’m helping to start the first Bangladesh community center in Brooklyn (BACDYS) and will be in charge of youth projects. I’ll also be in charge of public relations and grant research.

If there’s anything else I’m missing just ask in your responses. I’m from NY state. Thank you in advance!

The ED and RD acceptance rates are pretty much the same. However, if NYU Is your first choice, there is no better way to show interest than to lock in ED.

What about the scholarship question?

You are not obligated to accept an early decision acceptance if the financial terms are not acceptable. All you have to say is that you can’t afford it and move on.

It is more of a moral issue than legal.

If money is an issue forget NYU. Cornell, ND, Boston College and some others have just as good if not better business schools and are generous with financial aid.