ED to Oberlin?

<p>I applied ED to Oberlin, and I'd like some input on my chances.</p>

<p>3.3 GPA
31 composite ACT
~28th % in my class of 400
At an average high school where most students attend state or community college
Honors and AP classes in all areas except math (I think I will have taken 6 out of the 8 APs offered by graduation), my areas of strength are English and science
Huge music involvement (private lessons, several awards in this area, in the top curricular choir for 4 years, selected for the most competitive district choir in the state, etc)
Lots of involvement in other activities for 4 years
200+ hours of community service by graduation
Excellent recommendations
Pretty good essay that is revealing and original (or so I've been told)</p>

<p>I've visited twice and had an interview, too. I realize that the GPA may be a hinderance, but my recommendations show that I am not a lazy student or an underachiever. Any thoughts or tips are welcome!</p>

<p>Can anyone help?</p>