ED to Penn M&T or REA to Stanford?

Hey guys, I’m a rising senior and am debating whether to ED to Penn M&T or REA to Stanford. Overall, I am a bit more CS focused, but I also want to get business/finance skills, as I plan on doing some sort of entrepreneurship in the future. Recently, I’ve also been interested in quantitative finance, so overall I’d want a school that could offer the best of both worlds. This is why I considered M&T in the first place, but I know Stanford has an amazing entrepreneurship culture as well.

Since these are both exceptionally hard schools to get into, and I’d want to maximize my chances of getting in, what would you guys recommend for someone like me?

*As a side note I’d be 100% happy going to either of these schools, so my question really comes down to the relative benefits I’d get by applying early to either.

I’m trying to make this choice myself too. Some things I considered were

-the student culture at Stanford vs Penn (both very fun, but I get the sense Stanford is a bit more laid-back, and M&T is demanding because they admit students who already learn at that rigor and you get 2 degrees)
-the weather / location
-you live on-campus all 4 years of Stanford, but for Penn it’s accessible to live in the city

  • the type of student each school is looking for. For Stanford, I feel like they lean towards more social/ community thinkers that will evolve there, for Wharton I feel like it’s more “finished product” type people who they can bring to the next level, but who are already on the path to being super successful.

If you want to talk more abt this just PM me!