ED to Tulane

I am applying ED to Tulane and I am struggling to write my “Why Tulane?” essay. Should I start this essay with an anecdote or should it be more direct? Also, I am interested in pursing both business and psychology. Should I mention both of these interests, or just one in order to keep the essay more focused? I would really appreciate any tips or things that I should definitely include.

Also, I know Tulane is test optional this year and they claim that not submitting a score cannot hurt your chances of getting accepted, but is this really true? Or will they still favor applicants who submit scores?

Best of luck to you Claire. I’m a few cycles out of the admissions process. If you haven’t had a peak at Jeff’s admissions blog - perhaps you will find your answers here.

Agree with the above, also if you haven’t done their virtual programming you should do so. It will help you with the ‘why us’ essay.

Yes they are TO, but have said they will limit number of TO acceptances so that the enrolled class is not greater than 25% TO. Only submit test scores that are at the median or above of last year’s range, for ACT that is 32 or higher.

If you are applying ED, you hopefully know enough about Tulane to write your Why essay. Don’t overthink it…distill what draws you to the school into a theme and start writing. This is an opportunity for you to expound on what specifically interests you about Tulane and why you want to be a part of the Tulane community. If you are still struggling, go down a rabbit hole on the Tulane website and absorb as much of the messaging and information as you can. When you come across something that excites you or makes you want to learn more, that’s likely a topic to think about touching upon in your essay. Good luck!

My S is a freshman there now. His Why Tulane talked about different courses of study he was interested in, extracurricular and volunteer opportunities, perks to being in New Orleans, particular study abroad opportunities that appealed to him. He tried to tie that in with his high school experiences and interests. I think you just need to show that you are aware of and attracted to things that make Tulane unique. Read all the details and find things that most excite you, and try to bring those in. We had also toured and he mentioned something about his tour guide. Maybe not possible this year.