ED UPENN M&T/Wharton Chances

Single highest: 800v 780m. Highest combined: 1600
IIC: 800, BIOm: 800, Writing: 720</p>

Ap BIo: 5, Ap Fr: 5, Ap Calc BC: 5</p>

<p>GPA, and rank, top 4-5 out of class of 300.</p>

Varsity XC, league champs this year
Varsity Vball
President of physics club
Quiz Bowl
MU Alpha Theta
Captain of Math team
Independent Physics Project with magnetism</p>

<p>PGSS04!!! What a great experience. That is governor's school for the sciences at CMU btw.</p>

<p>Asian, fluent in 3 languages.</p>

Coin and stamp collections, music, computer games (god I hate console).</p>

<p>And I come from a pretty bad intermediate unit in central PA where my school is probably the best around.</p>