ED Virginia Tech Engineering

Hello, I am a rising senior and plan to apply to Virginia Tech early decision. I’m in state (NoVA), and go to a public school. Virginia is my first choice, hence why I am applying early decision.

Too begin, I am a first generation student.

ACT: 27, (26 E, 28 M, 27 R, 27 S, 9 W)

School does not offer AP, but IB. Till my junior year IB classes taken: IB English HL 1, IB Physics 1, IB History of the Americas, IB Computer Science SL.

Senior Year IB’s: IB Math Stuides SL, IB Physics 2, IB Topics SL, IB Computer Science HL. + Dual Enrollment English, Honors Geo-System.

Overall GPA: 3.3, (Freshman Year - 2.9, Sophomore Year - 3.5, Junior Year 3.7)

As you can see freshman year really hurt me, however, I’ve regained control and improved over time.

I plan on studying Computer Engineering, and the hardest part is getting into VT’s College of Engineering. I’ve tried to challenge myself with the hardest classes given. In my past years I’ve gotten an A in Chemistry, B in Physics, and a B in Computer Science, while having a B average in Algebra 2, Pre-Calc and a C in Geometry HN.

EC’s: 4 Years of Lacrosse, Member of Cup of Java (Computer Science club), DECA, 2nd year of being head coach of house basketball team. Over 100+ hours of community service, 50+ recorded with school. Many of those hours being with my Church, also apart of a missionary group that heads down to Guatemala every year.

Tech is my dream school, I’ve recently attended a informational session with VT this summer, and attended college visit from VT at school. I know my overall GPA is low, but I’ve tried my hardest in my IB courses.

I would love to hear what you think about my choice at VT Engineering Early Decision, Thanks!

ehh, i think its a reach… but definitely apply early.

I am also a rising senior applying to VA Tech engineering. Your courses are challenging and you’ve showed an upward trend grade wise. I’m pretty sure you will be accepted to VA Tech but it will be a reach to get into the engineering program. You’ll end up in engineering anyways because you can just take engineering geared courses freshman year than transfer into the engineering school later. I have a a friend who is doing this.

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