My son thought he might hear this week based on past years, but he hasn’t heard anything yet.

@iamgriffinsmom Based on last year I would assume decisions are coming shortly for ED. My son applied EA, Denver is his #1 choice right not, and we are assuming next week for EA.

Let us know when decisions come out, with Thanksgiving being late and the weather being bad admissions may be behind a bit this year.

Was ED released last week? I was assuming today would be EA release date, but I’m not sure if it’s pushed back a week

I know of a student who received an ED acceptance last week. Not sure what day.

My son received his ED notification on Friday at 4pm! Good luck to all the EA applicants!

@iamgriffinsmom Thanks for relaying the information and congratulations to your son!!

@ajc1966 I wonder if the late Thanksgiving break has pushed back decisions? I’m guessing we will hear sometime this week.

Is anyone who was accepted or denied ED willing to give their stats and merit scholarship amounts? I’m curious about the difference in scholarships given to ED applicants vs. EA applicants.

I would assume that most schools are going to be more generous with merit aid in EA than ED because they have no need to provide that kind of incentive to kids who are applying ED. We are full pay (less merit aid) so we were not willing to risk letting D20 apply ED to her top choice school, knowing there were likely to be some nice merit offers through EA and RD.