<p>Can ED applications be withdrawn? Say we visit the college and realize that it is NOTHING like what we thought... can we email the admissions staff and ask them to defer or reject us?</p>

<p>Since decisions haven't been made, I don't see why you can't request a withdrawal.</p>

<p>If I were to do this, when do you think the latest I could withdraw would be?</p>

<p>which school? why?</p>

<p>I have heard of people changing to RD before the deadline...That would be the respectable thing to do, unless you applied to more than one school ED and that is why you want to withdraw your application......Why would you even apply to a school ED without having first visited it????? College Admission Suicide.....</p>

<p>I applied somewhere ED but later called the admissions office to change to RD. I did this before the Nov 1st deadline though, so I don't really know if they still allow it past the deadline.</p>