ED1 Chances

<p>SAT: M 760 CR 640
GPA: 3.96 (UW)
5 APs Psych (5) Stats (4) Lang/Comp (4) Calc (not reporting) Physics (not reporting)
Clas Rank: 33 of 388 (top 8%)</p>

<p>I graduated and was wait listed RD at Vandy last year with out taking the SAT but an ACT of 31.</p>

<p>I am currently attending a missions and leadership academy that will equip me to be a positive influencer in any sphere of society. By the end of the year, we will have given about 20,000 hours (combined 60 people) of community service domestically and abroad.</p>


<p>Little League Umpire for 6 years, roughly 500 games. Held leadership positions and was entrusted to umpire the championship games the past few years. </p>

<p>Tutor, throughout high school I tutored elementary, middle, and high school students. </p>

<p>National Honor Society Treasurer, As well as financial responsibilities, I worked closely with faculty to facilitate NHS meetings and events. The club had over 200 members. </p>

<p>The worship band I played in for 6 years qualified for Nationals at the state Fine Arts Festival. We weren't able to travel to Nationals to compete.</p>

<p>Mission trip to Belize to work with underprivileged children.</p>

<p>Fellowship of Christian Athletes club leadership, planned and facilitated meetings and events.</p>

<p>100 hours of additional single-day volunteering events such as Relay for Life, Blood Drives, Kids Against Hunger, Uganda Run, Uganda Rock, etc.</p>

<p>Intended major: Biomedical Engineering</p>

<p>This is for engineering? i would say high chances. i am also applying to engineering ED1 </p>

<p>i have sat 590 cr 750 m 670 w</p>

<p>93/100 W GPA
4 on AP american and currently in AP calc ab and AP envro </p>

<p>The basics of extra stuff.
lots of dem interest in vandy interview etc. jew in NY etc. its a long shot but i really love it.</p>

<p>best of luck</p>

<p>what grade did you get in calc?</p>

<p>In the class I got an A, on the test I got a 3 but I'm not reporting it</p>