ED2 Applicant Interviews

Have any ED2 applicants been offered interviews yet? I submitted my ED2 application and request for an interview in early December and still haven’t gotten any information regarding interviews so just curious when they are coming.

you have time

My D22 just got offered one this evening for next week. So keep an eye out for emails!!

they come at different times. So don’t worry if you don’t see one as soon as others. It depends on who’s available in your local area. some don’t come at all.

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S22 got an email re:interview which said a parent release form would be sent for me to fill out. I still haven’t gotten it, so I just reached out to Admissions. Did other parents get it? I’m sure the AO is sooooooo busy. Time to start an ED2 Class of 2026 thread??? Such a brutal process and the waiting…oh the waiting…

nothing yet here.

You probably received the parental agreement form for the interview by now but mine was in an embedded link in an email to me. My D applied regular decision. Best of luck to your son!! Waiting is the worst!

I still have not received it :frowning: I reached out to admissions about it, but no reply. I do find it a little unfortunate that the portal does not convey a specific AO to contact with questions. Other schools do, but Tufts certainly keeps their process quite veiled.


how did we miss this??? thank you, thank you.

I’m sending you a PM!

Wishing good things for your daughter!

Thank you! She was deferred from Barnard during ED1 so she finished a flurry of applications for RD. I need to find something else to do with my time (and there’s plenty to do if I just step away from the computer) until March decisions but I find myself on this website a few times a day as if I’ll learn something new. :joy: Glad I could be of help today. I really hate the waiting! I agree that it is so brutal! I hope your son gets good news from Tufts!

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As luck would have it, he received contact about his interview today :). Yes, the wait is so very long. Interesting in a way, how different schools handle their dates/timing. My son was rejected from his ED1 school, but wavered until the last minute on if that school should have been Tufts. It is all a brutal process, so many amazingly accomplished young people…and not enough seats. Someone told me at the beginning of this journey to focus on his 3rd choice…that the influx of applications would impact all. I’m thinking maybe we should have listened???

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So: S22 had his interview. This interview was the very last thing our son had ahead of him in the very very long list of college ‘to-dos’. In the end, the advice from this Tufts alum will sit with him likely forever. He shared that what you remember, what you take away from college is your ‘soft experience’ - the people you meet, the fun you have, the unpredictable things you are exposed to …hmmm, isn’t that the truth?
Hopefully we will all travel again - everyone sees the same historical monuments/museums/artifacts/ whatever it may be…but what makes it exceptional are the people you meet along the way, the food you eat, the unexpected parts of the journey.
Whatever happens -it will all be OK. You will all get great educations, you will all grow as people :heart: Such an awesome reminder.