ED2 Chance

Hello! I recently decided to apply ED to Vanderbilt. However, I decided too late for ED1, so I will have to apply ED2. Do you think I have a good chance?

4.027 W
1540 SAT
Very good school on Long Island. Nobody applied ED1 (idk if that matters).
~300 hours of volunteer (mostly at LIJ Hospital)
40 hours doctor shadowing
All-State Clarinetist (also all-county several times)
3 years varsity soccer. Been playing soccer since I was 3. (wrote supplement about soccer)
National-merit commended
Founded a club that supports veterans
Strong Essay
Strong rec’s, i think

Also, does ED2 have a significantly lower acceptance rate than ED1?


U/W GPA is the starting point. W GPA is dependent upon the individual high school and not very relevant. e.g. one high school’s perfect 5.0 is equal to another high school’s perfect 4.6 is equal to another high school’s perfect 4.2, is equal to another one’s 9.0. Your high school may weight differently than another high school. so admissions offices use their own calculations.

I don’t think anyone can give you any guidance if you don’t list your U/W GPA

UW GPA is 3.85/4.0

UW GPA is 3.85/4.0

Congratulations on your HS achievements.

Unfortunately no one here can chance you. Vandy is a reach for all, but your stats are in range…your essays, LoRs, course rigor will all be important parts of the admissions decision too.

Does your school have Naviance? A history of students getting in to Vandy?

Have you been accepted/denied to any other schools yet? Regardless, make sure to apply to several match schools as well as at least on affordable safety.

Good luck.

To answer your last question, here are several responses from last year.

Thanks! Yes, my school does use Naviance. We typically do not have many students apply to Vanderbilt (I think since its so far from Long island), but we are a very good school.

Last year only 5 kids applied, and 2 got in. The stats for the kids that have gotten in in the last 3 years are surprisingly low: 3.65 W GPA & 1540 (ED), 4.05 W GPA & 1400 (ED), 3.93 W GPA & 1550 (RD).

I clearly have better stats than all 3 of these students, but when I look at college confidential threads, kids get rejected with higher stats. Is it possible that Vanderbilt wants kids from my school?

And someone also got in from my school with a 3.65 W GPA and 34 ACT (ED). Just to make clear, these are all kids from previous years; nobody did ED1 from my school this year.

I advise you to ask your GC if any accepted had hooks.