ED2 Chances?

<p>I am applying as an ED2 applicant and I am really worried. My sat is horrendous but my resume great.</p>

<p>SAT: CR: 490 (I don't know what happened), Math: 680, Writing: 640
GPA: 3.7 UW, 4.07 W
APs: Bio, Psych, Environ, Gov't, Spanish, Stats
Resume: </p>

<p>Science Olympiad
• 9th grade- Team Member
• 10th grade- Coach
• 11th grade- Student Coordinator/Head Coach
• 12th grade- Student Coordinator/Head Coach</p>

<p>Student Government
• 10th grade- Homeroom Representative
• 12th grade- President of Student Body</p>

<p>International Club
• 9th-10th grade- Club Member
• 11th grade- Secretary
• 12th grade- Vice President</p>

<p>Spanish Club
• 9th-11th grade- Club Member
• 12th grade- Secretary</p>

<p>Blutopia Literary Magazine
• 9th-11th grade- Staff Member
• 12th grade- Art Editor</p>

<p>Newspaper Staff- 9th-12th grade- Staff Photographer</p>

<p>Yearbook Staff
• 11th grade- Staff Member
• 12th grade- Business Manager</p>

<p>Student Ambassador- 10th-12th grade- Ambassador </p>

<p>Leadership Skills Club- 10th-12th grade- Leader </p>

<p>Peer Mentoring- 11th-12th grade- Mentor</p>

<p>Prom Committee- 11th grade- Committee Member</p>

<p>Honor Societies:</p>

<p>National Honor Society- 10th-12th grade- Society Member</p>

<p>Beta Club- 9th-12th grade- Club Member</p>

<p>Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society
• 10th grade- Secretary
• 11th-12th grade- Society Member</p>

<p>National Spanish Honor Society- 10th-12th grade- Society Member</p>

<p>National Art Honor Society
• 10th-11th grade- Society Member
• 12th grade- President</p>

<p>Awards/Honors: </p>

<p>Scholars Nominee- 12th grade</p>

<p>National Dance Competition (Indian dance)
awards in 9th, 10th and 11th grades</p>

<p>President’s Volunteer Service Award
• 9th grade- Gold- Recognition of at least 250 hours of community service
• 10th grade- Gold
• 11th grade- Gold</p>

<p>County’s Outstanding Teen 2011 - 11th grade</p>

<p>Scholastic Art Awards
• 10th grade- Gold Key- Drawing
• 11th grade- Silver Key- Drawing</p>

<p>Personal Voice Award/Mint Museum Art Scholarship- 10th grade- Recipient at the Scholastics Gold Key Awards Ceremony</p>

<p>Optimistic International Club Speech Competition- 10th grade- 2nd place.</p>

<p>Health Department Art Competition-10th grade- Honorable Mention </p>

<p>Homecoming Court- 9th grade</p>

<p>School Departmental Awards/Honors:</p>

<p>Academic Excellence in History Award- 9th grade- Honors World History</p>

<p>Outstanding Achievement in Science Award
• 10th grade- AP Biology
• 11th grade- AP Environmental Science</p>

<p>Excellence in Art Award
• 10th grade- Art II
• 11th grade- Art III</p>

<p>Academic Excellence in Spanish Award-11th grade- Honors Spanish IV</p>

<p>Volunteer Experience: </p>

<p>• Science Olympiad
• Philanthropy Club
• Teen Leaders’ Club (Community Service Club)
• Festival of India </p>

<p>Summer Activities: </p>

<p>Ninth grade:</p>

<p>Summer at Brown University<br>
• I completed a course on college writing. </p>

<p>Phillips Academy Andover Summer Session- Andover, MA
• I chose chemistry as my primary course and etymology and semantics as my secondary course for six weeks.</p>

<p>National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (Villanova University)
• For ten days, I explored many different health care professions as well as life as a medical student, resident, and attending physician.</p>

<p>Tenth Grade: </p>

<p>Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge- Wingate University
• For four days, I learned the process of creating my own business, making business plans, marketing a company, and paying taxes.</p>

<p>Personal Voice Class/Scholarship
• I received a scholarship to a program at the Charlotte Mint Museum of Art, where I learned how to incorporate my voice into my artwork. </p>

<p>Eleventh Grade: </p>

<p>Project Uplift- UNC Chapel Hill
• I attended this program to experience college life on the UNC campus. </p>

<p>Governor’s School East- Meredith College
• I studied modern art for six weeks.</p>

<p>What are my chances? Do I even stand a chance? My essays were okay. My recs were great.</p>

<p>I just do not know- that 490 is a killer.</p>

<p>The 490 is not a killer. You have a resume' that is packed with stuff but it doesn't show a passion for anything other than having a full resume'. The question you need to ask is, how have I shown that I am a good fit with GWU? Have you been in touch with your regional Admissions Rep, have you visited GWU, have you spoken to people at college fairs,have you signed your name as asking for more information? Request an interview and show not only what GW can do for you, but what you can do for GW....( I sound like JFK ). I am not trying to be mean, I am trying to show you what is important to all colleges. My daughter carried an SAT score similar to yours. She just made the Deans list after her first semester at GWU. Show you belong! Good luck.</p>

<p>that's a really weird split. did you take it more than once? let me know what happens, i have no idea how to call this one</p>

<p>Since the decisions come out next week- there's not much more you can do. Plus, you've already shown the ultimate interest by applying ED. Good luck.</p>