<p>Im thinking of applying to Emory with ED2. Im sort of an average applicant for the Emory and i really want to go there. Do you think id have a better shot at getting in ED2 than ED1? Im also hispanic, and Emory is eagerly looking for hispanics, so hopefully that can add some leverage. I know it all depends on my SAT/GPA/EC's etc and it might not make a diff, but will it give me a better chance at getting in?</p>

<p>ED1. ED2 is going to be full of kids who were rejected ED1 from more competitive schools.</p>

<p>It depends on whether you think your application will be better at a later date. Maybe you'd have more time to write your essays, etc. However, ED1 may be better if you want an earlier answer or if you think your senior grades will go down or something. It really depends on you.</p>

<p>I don't fully understand ED2 but I think its pretty dumb. It's not "early" at all</p>

<p>yea it is. you find out a month after u hand in ur app. nearly 2 months before the RD kids find out</p>

<p>ses is right. Some girl who was either or deferred or rejected from Duke applied ED2 to Emory and got accepted from my school.</p>