ED'ers sending our Regular Apps?

<p>Just wondering if most Early Decision applicants are still sending out regular applications to other schools now, or if they are waiting to hear from Columbia in December.</p>

<p>Any thoughts?</p>

<p>Our high school wants my son to not wait until mid December to send out applications if he is denied/deferred, since their office wants transcript requests, etc. done a month in advance. thanks</p>

<p>I am working on my other apps... I assume most of us are. Unless there's someone who's absolutely sure they're getting in :O</p>

<p>And don't you kind of have to? What about teacher recommendations?? I mean I guess you could let your teachers know ahead of time and then ask them to send them off it turns out you don't get in Columbia.</p>

<p>My high school needs all requests turned in by mid-November.</p>

<p>Well, if I do get in, waiting to send out the apps would save me a lot of money in terms of application fees, but I'm starting to think that two weeks before the deadline probably isn't a good idea. I've worked it out with my teachers so that if I get rejected/deferred, I'll inform them the day after and then give them a bunch of self-addressed and stamped envelopes for the other applications as well as the necessary forms. </p>

<p>But...now that I'm typing this, I think it might just be safer to send everything in anyway.</p>

<p>why not prepare everything and send it when you get the result...give your teachers the envelopes etc not and tell them to be prepared to send them the day of the decision if you dont get accepted. I find that it is a ridiculous waste of money to send off a bunch of apps with an ED decision on the horizon.</p>

<p>Yeah, I think I'll do exactly what Shraf said.</p>

<p>I'll do that with my teachers as well, but for transcripts and counselor recs I have to $2 for each one that I need, and like I said they need all requests by Thanksgiving. :x Do others' schools charge?</p>

<p>Our school doesn't charge, but they do insist that they send the teacher's recs, transcript, and counselor rec all in one package. They insist that you give them at least a month's notice AND that you show proof that your application was sent out BEFORE they will work on any any paperwork to be sent by the school.</p>

<p>Wow, my school's more lax. I have to pay a fee, which depends on the number of schools you're applying to.</p>

<p>My GC also recommends getting the teacher recs to be sent out with the counselor stuff, but considering the fact that I think my GC sent out my stuff very last minute (despite saying that it'd be sent out two weeks earlier), I'm glad that my teachers are sending their stuff separately (just for my peace of mind, really).</p>

<p>that's bizarre. my (public) high school and my college would print out transcripts for the asking, you just stood there and waited while they did it for you. columbia, you'd just submit something online saying "print X copies and mail Y of them each to locations A, B, C, and D" and they'd do it the next day - or you could walk in there and they'd print you out one on the spot.</p>

<p>i've never understood what takes weeks about this process, but apparently many places have really *****ty customer service.</p>

<p>Denzera, I agree with you, it is crazy. My son's guidance counselor calls the woman in charge of deciding when the transcripts and the teacher rec's go out, the "queen bee." Do you remember the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld? Well, she is like that; very tempermental and making life and death decisions for students based upon her whims.</p>

<p>Administration acknowledges she is abrasive, but that's it.</p>

<p>For us the transcripts are supposed to take two days but if you need counselor recs as well they take about a week or two. -__-</p>