EDerz! What's UR Gender?!!

<p>HEY Y'alLL!!! I'm FrOm SoUtHeRn CaLi (gotta REPRESENT!)</p>

<p>But anywaaaayz, so i was obsessing (again! teeehehe) about Columbia to my Cali Krew today and of course, they just DONT get me...AT ALL!! but im soo glad ive found diz board -all of ya'll are obsessed and stuff about Columbia, Just like me- golly i hope we ALL get in and it'll be soOoOo awesome to hit up da clubzzz 2getherr!!! </p>

<p>none of you guyz wanna admit it, but i sure as heck need to find my other half in college, so whether u be gal or guy, and let the selecting begin!!!....o yeah, u might wanna put ur sn down (oonly if ur ciuuuute THOUGH! - and a guy of course ^_^)</p>

<p>im a gIrLie! UR TURN!</p>

<p>Are you serious. Please say you're not. Do you actually spend more time thinking about how to spell words wrongly instead of simply typing them correctly? "diz"? Wow. Wow.</p>

<p>I'm usually not cynical like this, but you've got to be kidding me. "gIrLie"? You spent the time to make some letters caps and some not?</p>

<p>And you're going to attempt to use Columbia as a way to find your other half. I think you better search elsewhere. Have you thought about community college?</p>

<p>Thank you, and goodnight.</p>

<p>haha...chill out ivy boy. </p>


<p>a simple "scroll down!" would have worked as well</p>

<p>omg this is just too funny.. this site isn't some dating site my dear.
anyhoo, you won't be interested in me because i'm a GiRLiE! :)

<p>Well I'm glad you found the rest of us obssessive die hard Columbia wannabes.. "DIZ" is where it's happening y'all! HAHAHAHA ;)</p>

<p>Although columbiaizsexy's approach might have stunned or upset you guys initially, she is only posting because she wants to make friends. I figure that the purpose of her saying "i sure as heck need to find my other half in college" was only to befriend you. This is confirmed by her saying earlier that "Just like me- golly i hope we ALL get in and it'll be soOoOo awesome to hit up da clubzzz 2getherr!!!"</p>

<p>Now as for her reason for using this approach, I again figure that it is due to her friends. Different societies have different rules as to appropriate behavior, words that would ingratiate others, etc. Obviously, columbiaizsexy grows up in a circle of friends who favor people who go to clubs and talk about checking each other out. As much as we find her strange (and unacceptable, as ivyboy implies in his post), I think she finds us equally strange, if not more, in her perspective.</p>

<p>So columbiaizsexy, I think you know now how people around here talk. Take your time; learn from our posts. Get a new username if you think people may discriminate you due to your first post, but I don't think it's necessary as we tend to judge people from their immediate posts, not past ones.</p>

<p>I hope I've explained columbiaizsexy's situation correctly. If not, then just forget what I said. I am just trying to justify her attitude.</p>

<p>Eh, don't be so judgemental.</p>

<p>Welcome. I'm male.</p>

<p>lol some of u r such azzholes.</p>

<p>hey hun columbia IS sexy hahah girllll</p>

<p>geniezclone: i cant believe u gave an analysis of her situation.. now THATs funny!!!</p>

<p>and to everyone: see u at columbiaaaa!!!</p>

<p>the poster is probably one of the regular posters who has gone insane with obsession and wants to stalk her competition down (the whole..what's your sn?)</p>

<p>huh..??? who.. geniezclone?</p>

<p>no the izsexy girl</p>

<p>o righttt......so u think shes trying to see whos she up against columbia ed?</p>

<p>dont we already tell each other that kinda stuff on here</p>

<p>wow, just wow...and i'm not referring to columbiaizsexy.</p>

<p>This thread could have simply been a harmless joke, for all we know.</p>

<p>p.s. my post was a joke....a funny joke.</p>

<p>OMG I love this thread!!! LOL</p>

<p>"lol some of u r such azzholes."</p>

<p>Yeah guys give her a break, i think it's kinda cute.</p>

<p><em>cough</em> I'm a guy <em>cough</em></p>

<p>hEy, iF pEoPle lIkEs tO tYpe lIke (oh I give up this thing is too hard) this then it's their own preferenzz, LOL.</p>

<p>dang gurl .... columbia z sexy...but....whatever</p>

<p>i can so see this site becoming one of those "a/s/l have u got a pic?" sites lol..</p>

<p>lets just hope we all get to columbia :)</p>

<p>GOOD LUCK!!!</p>

<p>Well, well, so much for my analysis... it was meant to help her case against the ivyboy dude. LoL... but I don't think columbiaizsexy needs my help anymore, since her post works afterall--especially for guys. :)</p>