EDII/RD for Emory chances?

<p>After Michigan, Emory is one of my top schools that I am considering. I'm probably going to be showing a LOT of interest in the school and I'll be apply either EDII or RD. So, go for it?</p>

<p>This Is Me.
Asian American.
New Jersey.
Public school, quite competitive, 20 APs offered.
Sends students to Ivies and top 10 colleges every year.
Class Rank: Reported in quintiles. Top quintile.
7 APs to be taken by senior year. That's the standard amount for top students (highest ever was 10 because of school system)</p>

<p>GPA: ~3.7, will be between 3.67 and 3.74 depending on marking period. Includes awards in Accounting and Symphonic Band.
SAT: 1390/2120, 1540/2340
PSAT: 219. Commended likely.
SAT II (expected) Math II 800 US History 750 Chemistry 700
APs (expected) Chemistry 4 US History 5 Language 4</p>

<p>ECs (by senior year):
-I play the alto and baritone saxophone, clarinet, trumpet (haven't played in forever), and marimba.
-Marching Band - Section leader, soloist, Assis. Drum Major (11th) Drum Major, Vice President (12th). 4 years. Band awards.
-Indoor Drumline - Marimba player. 2 years. Band awards.
-Pit Orchestra. 2 years.
-Rowan Youth Orchestra - Trumpet player. 2 years.
-Tri-M Honor Society. 2 years.
-Online Text-Based Writing. 4 years. (Online text-based role-playing game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
-NaNoWriMo. 3 years. I can't finish these on time..
-Interact Club - Vice President. 3 years.
-DECA - Won awards in states and regionals. 2 years.
-UPenn Lab - Volunteer work at the environmental medicine technician lab. 3 years.
-UPenn Biomedical Research Academy - summer program. 1 year, summer.
-Chinese School Volunteering - former volunteer officer. 2 year.
-Virtua Hospital Volunteering. 1.5 years.
-NHS. 1.5 years. (Running for officer, no idea how it'll go.)</p>

<p>Recs: English, Music, History. All good in their own ways.
Essays: I can write very well. I'll manage.
Major: undecided.</p>

<p>-My stats are almost exactly the same as yours, except I scored 100 points higher on the SAT combined out of 2400. My GPA was also the same, but only because I had 2 C's: one in A.P. Chem and one in Independent Research. I got a 4 on AP Chem and won Exploravision to kinda compensate for that. My GPA without 2 C's was a 3.95 (yeah long story). Take of that what you will.
-You have some interesting EC's. That's a significant amount of activities. Be sure to have them reflected in your rec's (and your essays if you so desire).
-I had legacy, which is considered for emory.
-I'm also asian. Emory accepts a large amount of asians (about 20% of Emory is asian) so I wouldn't be too concerned about your ethnicity, though obviously it doesn't help you.
-I was accepted RD.</p>

<p>Emory can be fickle: some people get accepted to vandy, duke, and washu and not Emory. It's not a safe bet for you, but your EC's and SHOWING INTEREST are where you can shine to get in. </p>

<p>Here's a little info at Emory I have since I'm going there as class of 2015 and know a little bit about it.
-Emory's school renovation budget is huge and it shows in the practically perfect and new campus, dorms and gyms. I believe Michigan is very pretty as well.
-There are a certain amount of northeastern long island and tri-state area kids, though of course Emory also has a large amount of international students as well (like 11% I believe). The student body in general is known to be pretty intellectual but also very social (kind of like a mix between Rice U and Duke U). So really you can probably find the people you want to find here.
-More liberal arts than most other universities, but at the same time very pre-professional with all the premed, business, law, and science students.</p>

<p>The best way I could describe Emory is pretty diverse and not skewed too much towards a typical college stereotype. </p>

<p>Pre-med: definitely go for Emory. CDC next to Emory and 3 affiliated hospitals in the nearby area that pretty much exclusively recruit from Emory (it's the only great medical school nearby)
Business: Depends: if you wanna go into Finance, probably Ross if you can get in. Goizueta is amazing as well though there aren't as many placements as Ross
Law: Probably Emory. I don't know too much about this.
Engineering: probably Michigan</p>

<p>Michigan Vs. Emory
-Michigan is like 4x larger (not sure of the exact stats, but it's close to that). You may feel drowned in the crowd sometimes, but some people like the anonyminity.
-Average Ross student has about the same academic high school stats as the average Emory student. Average Michigan student in general has significantly lower average stats than the average Emory student.
-Emory is far more liberal arts and general education than Michigan
-Michigan has more school spirit: Emory has more club/activities spirit
-You probably would have no trouble getting into Michigan as long as you apply in the earlier pool: this year class of 2015 a lot of VERY qualified people were rejected to Michigan because they applied late and Michigan filled their class very quickly after switching to commonapp.
-Better weather in Emory unless you like the cold and snow</p>

<p>Obviously I'm skewed towards Emory considering I'm going there over Michigan. I myself had to make this decision, so sorry for the wall of text. I would recommend you applying ED if you like Emory's environment/people more than that of Michigan. Otherwise, RD both of them and get to know them through their open house events. You probably REALLY want to visit at some point to show interest and to see if you like it there, though of course plane tickets are expensive. Good luck with your decision! :)</p>