Edit my essay...please!

<p>If anyone wants to edit my college essays that would be so helpful! I have two right now that are complete and need editing. </p>

<p>One is about meeting Deaf people (prompt: Describe a setting in which you have collaborated or interacted with people whose experiences and/or beliefs differ from yours. Address your initial feelings, and how those feelings were or were not changed by this experience.)</p>

<p>The other is about my dream of being in the music world (prompt: Considering your lifetime goals, discuss how your current and future academic and extra-curricular activities might help you achieve your goals.)</p>

<p>If it matters, they are both for University of Texas!</p>

<p>Let me know if you would be up for reading either or both!!! Thanks in advance (:</p>

<p>I’d be willing to read both of them. Just PM me!</p>

<p>You really should ask others to edit your essay. It isn’t a good idea. You don’t want to lose you own natural voice. This is something to do yourself. Just take comments and criticisms.</p>

<p>I should or shouldn’t ask others to edit? Assuming you meant should not, I have to disagree. Of course I don’t want to lose my own voice, but I need to make sure my essays flow well and make sense to somebody other than me. Since I wrote the essays, I know exactly what I mean by every single word. I need to have a fresh set of eyes read over them and make sure a college counselor will understand. I appreciate the advice, but I would never compromise my writing style.</p>

<p>thelemonisinplay, I will message them to you! THANK YOU SO MUCH :):):)</p>

<p>Feel free to PM them to you. I’ll proofread and provide direction.</p>

<p>I’m willing to read the first one.
I actually have a hearing disability myself!</p>

<p>Awesome! Thanks so much!</p>

<p>i will read it for you.</p>